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  • TW990 - Content review is lacking; use this only as an adjunct.

    I recently took the NCLEX-RN and passed in 75 questions. I used this book in addition to purchasing the online Hurst review. This book isn't that expensive, so it is worth giving it a try. However, if deciding between review courses (which are much more expensive), then I would pick the Hurst review over Kaplan. From what I can tell, Kaplan focuses mainly on question taking whereas Hurst focuses on content. After having taken the NCLEX, I can honestly say that your time is better spent focusing on content. If you don't know your content, then strategies aren't going to be very helpful unless it is a low level question - and these aren't going to help you pass! I would brush up on content using the Hurst review and then go through this book to finish off your prep work.

  • GBsterling - This year's version is very buggy

    I just installed the program a few days ago, but have been having problems ever since. The program generally doesn't launch successfully - it pops up a window saying I need to wait for important notifications, and it never gets past that. Then, it wants me to update the Federal tax program. But the update froze the first time I tried it, and it won't get past that point now. So I'm using the older version of the program that I got on the CD they shipped me. And when I finally do get into the program and start entering data, I find that it imports my federal long and short term loss carryovers, but not the state ones. Some of these problems seem to keep occurring year after year, like the hangups during the update procedure. But overall I would say the program is much buggier this year.

  • Michael Bettencourt - DO NOT BUY! WASTE OF MONEY!

    I bought this and it's not like the ad you see on tv. The ad says as soon as you remove the pan the top is cool to the touch...LIES! I returned mine. Unfortunately I was a victim of the Target breach and had to get a new debit card. When I called them to check on the refund I told the person I had returned mine which she transferred me to the corporate office. I told that woman why I was calling and when I gave her my new card info she said the payment was processed and the next payment would go through next month. I asked her why? She said I was sent 2 ovens and I told her no I only bought one...I did not get the 2nd one. This jas turned into a huge disaster. So, if you want to believes the lies in the ad and have them take your money then by all means go ahead and order it but remember you have been warned!

  • ALEX - HORRIBLE! is less than one start possible.?!?!

    Proactiv was ordered by myself last summer to treat some acne problems I was having.....little did i realize that it would completely ruin all of my sheets and pillow cases/blankets due to the bleach stains that I noticed within the first 2 days of using this treatment. There are white bleach marks on all of my pillow cases and any other blankets or sheets that I had on my bed due to the treatment. Not only did it completely dry out my skin as well, proactiv worked for a week and then stopped working altogether. This is a terrible product and my friends who have used it experienced the same thing, bleaching sheets and beyond healthy dry skin after using this product. DO not use! I suggest nutrogena instead. Having been using their face-wash from the pharmacy (on shelf) since this terrible situation with proactive and its not only cheaper, but it works amazing. Skin is never dry and there is ONE step! it is amazing!