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  • Jeff - Loved It

    If you like CSN then you cant loose with this dvd. Its live and these guys are in their 60s so sure their voices are not going to be perfect but they are pretty damn close. Everyone says Stills voice is shot...yea maybe but he pulls a couple of harmonys off and man can he play that guitar. Its an excellent concert and Ive watched this 3 times already.

  • R. Fernandez - More of a question/concern than a review.....

    I purchased this product for my cat and have used it about half a dozen times over the past 2 weeks or so. She has pretty bad teeth and breath. Today, while I was getting her hand scraped for plaque, I was advised by my holistic vet to be wary about using this gel unless I can confirm what the "natural cleanser" is. If you look at their water additive product, it lists sodium benzoate as an ingredient. A cat's liver cannot metabolize sodium benzoate. Therefore, it should not be used on cats. The concern is that sodium benzoate may also be used, but unspecified, in the gel product as part of the "natural cleanser" ingredients. Thoughts anyone?

  • Amazon Shopper - Just ok

    Just an ok product. For a child's constipation relief, you'll be better off buying a regular prune juice from the supermarket. Not the Gerber kind or "baby juice" alike but the kind adult drinks. Works best. You can dilute it w/ water if you like but most effective w/o.

  • RCod - Can't be beat !

    I have had this mouse pad for almost 4 years now. I have had plenty of generic store brand mouse pads before this one and after as well. I think it is safe to say compared to those mouse pads this one can't be beat. Can't really speak on other name brand "gaming" pads but I can definitely tell you I have no major issues with this one and has not given me any grief for the last 4 years like many others have. What I like about the SteelSeries QcK+ is that it hasn't fallen apart or deteriorated at all for me. It's also huge on my desk so there really isn't any reason for my mouse to not have the pad constantly under it. It also doesn't move freely, sticks to my desk unless I physically pick it up.

  • TriMan - This stuff is amazing! I use this everyday for my various activities ...

    This stuff is amazing! I use this everyday for my various activities and it completely eliminates the fatigue factor in the middle of my workouts. I am going to try all of the other products they make.