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  • N. Lee - How can you beat 5 lbs. of bite-sized bliss?

    Haribo's gummi strawberries are some of the tastiest candy available. I may be biased because I've loved gummi candies (ESPECIALLY those from Haribo) for pretty much my entire life. There's just something about the perfect combination of texture and bite that make chowing down on chewy fruit-flavored candy a happy activity.

  • Prudsax08 - Would not buy again although the shake tastes good there is cafeen in it

    Would not buy again although the shake tastes good there is cafeen in it. A high amount it seems since I was up till 3am the past 3 nights. They need to label it better and state exactly how much is in it. Most shakes usually don't have cafeen and this company will not give refunds either. When I asked about the first product i opened the lady treated me like a idiot. I didn't appreciate that. I had an allergic reaction. Will never buy again. Thankfully I got this one from Amazon and will get a refund.

  • Lauren R Anderson - An engaging adventure; hoping for another installment soon

    Wells has crafted a gripping tale filled with action, conflict, and lots of geeky technology to tickle the imagination. The relationships between the characters and their often awkward attempts to connect with each other are as interesting as the overall plot. They feel real. Wells expertly incorporates current technology, science, biology and linguistics then fuels our imagination with what it could look like in the future. She has created a fascinating story that needs to be told in subsequent books. I hope so.

  • Linz Maurice - Use them on my entire face!

    These are meant for eyebrow razors but I use them on my entire face and they are amazing! I use cream based contour and highlight and having no hair on my face makes everything go on incredibly smooth! I can't say that it's 100% because of the razor but I've also noticed I have significantly better skin since shaving my face (I'm guessing its because it exfoliates as well). I would HIGHLY recommend these to everyone!

  • John and Casey - Perfect for family night reading

    The illustrated editions make family reading easier. My children love to see the paintings and it helps keep them engaged during the chapters. I love seeing their faces and hearing their interpretations of the story.

  • Alex - I do not like this phone. I love the regular S7.

    It seems that most of these unlocked international version phones are unlocked by the sellers themselves, who break the phone's box seal, open the box, and unlock the phones themselves (note that Samsung says "do not accept if seal is broken"). Hence, technically, most of these unlocked international version phones are not really new. I bought a lot of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones from Amazon, and most (not all) had the seal broken.

  • D. Bryan - Mine were defective

    I use a lot of 3M strips and I've never had any problems with them. I got these though and they wouldn't stick to the wall for more than a few seconds. The adhesive just wasn't normal for some reason. I see that these could have been nice but in the end I used a nail to hang the picture instead and just had to return these to Amazon.