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  • The Grunaus - When motives are right

    I was skeptical to buy this product and like many, I was not looking for a miracle pill, just something to help me stay motivated and focused on what I wanted. I've taken 1/3 the recommended dose (I capsule instead of 3) for a consistent week now while eating less than 1500 calories a day and getting on average 30 minutes of cardio a day. I've lost 4 pounds and 1/2 a centameter around my entire body. Quite impressed with the project. Will continue to use and will buy again when the capsules run out. GREAT motivation and helps you stay focused.

  • Donald S. - I found it very complete and easy to follow

    I buy the Bible each time I upgrade to a new version of Microsoft Office. I have used it several times doing things I've not done before. I found it very complete and easy to follow.

  • Iron man - Great result

    Easy to use. Used product. changed oil & coolant after use. No sign of mixing. Power increase amzing after the seal took.

  • martinibreeze - Shocked and amazed

    First, I am a 59 yr old woman who really understands hair loss. My father was bald, my grandfathers were bald, my brother is bald, and wears a hair piece, and my mother and grandmother have bald spots, and very thinning, fine hair. I personally have already had 2 frontal hairline transplants, one in 1994, another in 2009. Summary, my hair has thinned considerably since menopause and I am constantly on the hunt for truly effective combatants against this sad and debilitating hair loss condition. Hair transplants DO work, and when done by a competent ( key your research!) surgeon, one can achieve amazing and lasting results. However, they are expensive, and often need to be again augmented if one continues to lose the natural hair around the transplanted hairs over time.