Grillet Lab | Nicolas Grillet Lab - Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery (OHNS) - Stanford University School of Medicine - The Grillet lab at Stanford University is studying the molecular mechanisms of sound detection in the inner ear and the genetics of deafness and vestibular impairments.

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  • Marilyn Powell - great radio and DVD

    We like most everything except -As you turn on the car, the radio always come on really loud. We have not found an on-off button - this could be our fault as we had a third party put in a head phone jack. We were leaving on a long driving trip and needed to keep the driver awake while others slept. We have not used all of its features yet - still on a learning curve.

  • Ernest - Hard to set up can't see the instructions too small ...

    Hard to set up can't see the instructions too small and not clear. Also will not stay connected to the 4G or the wi-Fi

  • Karebarely - Comfortable and Dry

    This jacket has come in handy as I lived in a tropical environment with frequent pop-up storms. The vent zippers helped to keep me cool in the warm weather and I was always dry above the waist. If I let the waist strap loose, generally water would fall away from my legs and not get them too wet. The only complaint I have is that the hood covers my eyes when I tighten it. I don't think this will happen for everyone as my head is smaller than average. All zippers and sewing and still in tact. Would definitely recommend.

  • ACEinJm - Superb customer service

    We bought a 2009 Vista years ago. We are city-dwellers, so it functions as our car. It gets hard use - often carrying three kids on salted sidewalks. It is just a terrific stroller: it is comfortable to push with one hand if carrying only one child, and it's the best available solution for multiple kids (not a double-wide, no one riding in the trunk, etc.) Most of all, though, UppaBaby's customer service has just been superb. Since the stroller gets such a work out, we've had a few broken pieces over the years - plus several at the hands of airlines - and the UppaBaby folks are immediately responsive and just incredibly nice. While it was under warranty they sent pieces for free; since then they have replaced others at a reasonable cost and with the same speed and politeness. Over the long-term, this matters a lot!

  • Erica - Like Magic on Old Duct Tape

    I purchased this to remove old duct tape that had been used to add a design to my Kymco People Scooter. After a couple of years, the duct tape facing was peeling off and looked terrible. I used this adhesive remover and it worked like a charm! Scooter is like new again.

  • V. B. - A wonderful piece of equiptment

    My Pilates Power Gym Pro arrived on time and in excellent condition. The best part was that I did not have to assemble anything other than the feet straps. Can't wait to get started.