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  • Kati S - Great product and great price

    We had lost quite a bit of water before we noticed we had a leak. Ran this through as directed and leak stopped. Definitely recommend this product. We live in a cold climate so draining it was not an option. We used this fix almost 3 months ago and it's still holding strong.

  • Selective Lady - Skeptic

    I wasn't certain these would work and truly didn't believe they would make my fine hair thicker, but I was wrong. It has made my hair somewhat thicker and I noticed that when washing, less hair comes out. This product, along with Biotin has definately shown an improvement in the thickness of my hair. I've only taken them for only a month and am hoping that the thickness will improve the longer I take them.

  • Tammy - My ongoing review of the Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro

    I'll be updating this, and possibly changing the star rating. We'll see. First, I do have to say that I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). For those of you, lucky enough to NOT have this syndrome, I'll explain. I have massive amounts of black hair, EVERYWHERE. I admit, I have been cheating so far, and have been using it every other day on my lower legs, abdomen, chest, and face. Even though I know the directions say not to use it on the face, and to use it every 2 weeks. I did buy red laser goggles, so, I am protecting my eyes. I have really high hopes for this machine.

  • Timster - Vitamins are so hard to review as their not like prescription drugs

    Vitamins are so hard to review as their not like prescription drugs; which make an immediate impact. I'm on my third bottle of Alpha Brain and also take a few other vitamins including a Multi-Vitamin, Milk-Thistle and Rhodiola. The combination seems to have helped reduce my overall brain fog! I don't want to end up being one of those people who take handfuls of vitamins and have been taking the slow approach to finding the right 3 to 4 vitamins that help. Might be at the sweet spot right now! Wishing everyone success in feeling more like themselves!

  • K. Ray - Best bra ever.

    I hate bras, I picked this one up originally because I was at the store, I needed new bras (had been putting off shopping for them), and I very rarely see wire-free bras in actual stores. Now I'm ordering as many as I can. This bra is sturdy, with thick elastic (especially in the straps). The cups are some fabric which is smooth on the outside and super soft (slightly fuzzy) on the insides, there is no padding in the cups except for the thickness of the fabric, but it does an OK job of providing modesty under a shirt. The rest of the bra is a thinner, almost mesh-like material--slightly artificial feeling, but soft and strong, comfortable next to the skin, and helps with sweating. The cut supports (a medium/C cup) without squeezing or giving you a "uniboob" look like a sports bra. The three-hook closure in the back feels kind of wide at first but you get used to it.

  • Birgit Knutsen - A bit diificult to find what I was looking for

    I found a lot of useful information, but thought it was difficult to find what I wanted without turning a lot of pages first. A possibility for searcing by writing in what I was looking for would have been helpful.