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  • Surgery - - I was horrified to see this comment posted by an anonymous internet user on Nom Nom Paleo’s blog post during our trip to Austin for Paleo FX: “One
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  • Amazon Customer - Frustrated with product

    I was curious about this product since a friend had been posting things on Facebook about it. I was already on a meal plan through a nutritionist and thought of trying a couple supplements to help kick start the metabolism again. I could not buy individual bottles and had to buy the kit. I asked if I could stay on the meal plan I was already on and was told to compare it. Little did I know I could not even touch what the nutritionist had me on initially that had worked before. I mentioned about getting my nutritionists advice/ideas on the meals and my friend and her sponsor said I couldn't and that they have recipes to go by. It is pretty expensive for a single individual to pay for while trying to make ends meet. This product is good for short term weight loss. If you want long term, you would be spending a boat load to have to stay on the supplement. Please see a health professional regarding a Healthy plan for weight loss.I am planning on return I Will be returning this product soon.

  • Linda R - Good Product....

    Bought this to get grease film off appliances. We had tried Oxyclean spray cleaner and were hoping this would be better. It is a good product but we feel that the Oxyclean Cleaner actually did a better job.

  • Gabby - Rolls up on the face, and doesn't hide trouble areas

    I have used some great CC creams before. This is not one of them. I would honestly return it if I hadn't waited so long, trying to give it the good college try. The cream is the right shade for my skin, but it doesn't cover my trouble areas well at all. My cheeks are still rosy red, and my under eye area is still blue. The only reason I even know I'm wearing any is because the moment I smear it on even half a second too long, it begins to clump and comes up. Have you ever applied glue to your hand, let it dry, and then rubbed it? You know how it rolls up into a nice, long, tube-shaped piece of glue? That's what this CC cream does if you apply it just a second too long. It rolls up and off of your skin immediately. I would recommend that if you are in the market for a good CC cream, that you continue the search.

  • J. Winters - Nice light, many great features!

    This little light is super bright and cool. It's got a USB cord that wraps around the top and has a little spot it sets in. It's very nice and portable and has a very cool feature of pulling open to be a lantern and then collapsing back down for use as a flashlight. I am going to keep it in our camping supplies but it would also be great to have handy in case of a natural disaster or power outage. I received a discount on the purchase of this for a chance to try it and give my honest review and opinion. This does not affect my review however. I do give products less than 4 or 5 stars if don't feel like the product deserves it. This is really a nice, solid light with cool features and will come in very handy.

  • Farah - Life-changing in a good way

    These are amazing! I received a sample, and a friend raved about them, which is why I tried these in the first place. It takes some getting used to, but these disposable SoftCups look much easier to use compared to other permanent cups, especially if you have used NuvaRing birth control before (similar concept-ish). These are much more comfortable than tampons, as long as you're okay with the ick factor when taking these out. I'd recommend trying to get a sample first before buying these and see if they are as life-changing for you as it is for everyone else!