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  • Sharon Huston - Good start, sad finish.

    The free sample motivated me to buy the book, but when the story ended I felt like I had wasted my money. The premise -- a linguist on a shuttle, prepared to work with alien languages -- was intriguing. Sadly, the alien was telepathic, so language never really played a role in the book. The tension of the opening chapters slowly dwindled into a sad little mess. It thudded from predictable plot point to predictable plot point, and midway through the book I wondered why I was still reading. It turned into a "car wreck" book, where I couldn't turn away from the disaster until the last page freed me. As others have noted, there were several factual errors, and problems with language, which is painful given the protagonist's profession. The main character's Mary Sue index climbed with every page. I do think Ms. Wells has good books in her, but she needs to work on her plots. Give us some surprises! And maybe consider a different subgenre. Convincing science fiction requires more research and more scientific expertise. Ms. Wells might be more bearable in paranormal romance, where the rules are bendy to begin with.

  • cojack03 - Awesome Product. Consider trying before buying if you get motion sick easy or don't like 3D movies.

    Awesome Product. The VR headset not only allows you to play VR games, but other games as well without the need for a TV, but you do want to keep your head still if doing so and use a headset, which comes with it. It also makes your 51" 1080p TV seem small because it's like an 80-90" TV in 2D games and the PS menu. The VR 2D screens are like an IMAX screen. The games are so much better with the camera and VR headset properly positioned when calibrated as well as standing gives a much better experience as well. After about 3-4 hours of playing Arkham VR, I started to feel a little unbalanced which was not that bad honestly. After I had played Arkham VR for about 3.5 hours, I played the demo for Here They Lie, which is insanely awesome for a horror game, but I did get a bit motion sick from the crazy changes to the atmosphere in the demo and I felt like my body temperature raised within 5 mins of playing it, so I had turn a fan on, which helped a lot with the motion sickness. Overall, I love the system even for the short Arkham VR, it is awesome. However, I originally bought the VR for Resident Evil 7, which I anticipate to really scare the heck out of me and anyone who plays it, especially with the VR set. If you get motion sick or don't like 3D movies, probably best to not buy, find somebody and try if first.

  • Rose Gooch - Gilmour flexogen makes a great thank you/host-hostess gift

    I recently stayed at a friend's beach house where the hose was crimped and difficult to use (I know as I watered their plants). So, I ordered this hose (I have two 50' ones here where I live), and had them sent to my friends' home. It is an untraditional gift, but much appreciated. It is true, however, that the material used is not as good as in the older hoses. My new ones crimped after a year or two.

  • Amazon Customer - Buy this first

    Whether you're looking for work, or just want to learn more about what makes you tick, this is the definitive guide. When you finish your "flower", you'll have more confidence in what direction you need to go and have more self knowledge and self awareness of your skills, values, purpose, and what you want from your work.

  • Eklectic - No Cancellation Policy Adds Insult to Injury.

    I made the mistake of ordering this product after seeing it on TV without first doing my homework and checking consumer reviews. After all, how bad could a simple cooking appliance be - right? Well, after reading the reviews on Amazon and the scores of BBB warnings throughout the 50 states, I was shocked that this company was still in business and advertising., I tried to cancel the phone order within 2 hours of placing it. According to them, they will not accept cancellations if you authorize them to process your order within 24 hours instead of the 3-5 day normal processing. I had never heard of such a thing! What a scam. In addition to the BBB, I plan to contact the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Protection Agency and my state Attorney General on this company.

  • Alan N. Fleming - Could have saved a lot of money if I tried Bar's Leaks first.

    My truck was overheating. Replaced thermostate and some hoses. Still overheating. So, i took to my mechanic who replaced the radiator. Still overheating. One treatment of Bar's Leaks and the problem was cured. Could have saved a lot of money if I tried Bar's Leaks first.