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Hailey's Pet Cancer, Lymphosarcoma Canine Cancer Information Site - Pet/dog cancer, lymphoma, lymphosarcoma & other malignancies: information on traditional / alternative treatments, supplements, diet and research links.

  • http://haileybell.homestead.com/HaileysStory.html Hailey's Story: Canine Lymphosarcoma / Lymphoma Success - Information about pet cancer, including details about Hailey's chemotherapy protocols and drugs and links to other pet cancer and oncology sites.
  • http://haileybell.homestead.com/CancerDiet.html Haileys Cancer Diet, Pet Cancer Diet, Canine, Diet, Food - Hailey's pet cancer diet, with information on Hill's Prescription Diet N/D and home preparations for dogs and cats. Cancer supplements and recipes for dog food.
  • http://haileybell.homestead.com/Supplements.html Hailey's pet cancer supplements - Information on alternative treatments and supplements / vitamins / minerals for canine cancer.
  • http://haileybell.homestead.com/CancerInformation.html Hailey's Canine Cancer Links, Cancer Information, Pet Cancer - Links to canine & pet cancer information on various forms of animal cancer. Extensive cancer research information for dogs and cats.
  • http://haileybell.homestead.com/AlternativeMed.html Pet Cancer, Alternative Medicine Treatments, Canine Cancer - Alternative veterinary cancer treatment, holisitc, homeopathic and diet information, including information about pet cancer, supplements, diet and nutrition, and links to other websites dealing with cancer in dogs and cats..

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  • cmc53 - Recommending Quickbooks

    QuickBooks is a wonderful accounting software for the any business, but especially for the small business owner and/or any business with limited resources and manpower. Easy access, the learning curve, tutorials and support are definitely a another plus!

  • curt wilken - Men stay away from this product!

    This product contains a lot of soy. Soy contains isoflavones and are a naturally occuring plant ESTROGENs in soy protein. These estrogens can mess with your hormone levels. There are also enzymes in soy that act as anti nutrients and can block the absorption of amino acids. I took this stuff for a week before I had a terrible side effect. It made it hard to breath at night during sleep and I took it in the morning. I highly doubt that this product supplements 8+ veggies and herbs. The scoop is itty bitty. I did not feel more energy, so I will throw the rest out. The taste wasn't bad and I didn't really feel or see any signs of detoxification. I have been working out all my life and try new things once in a while. Lately I have been very disappointed by what is being sold out there. Men should stay away from this product. Use of this product could lead to man boobs.

  • Draskee - I have owned this piece of crap for over 2 years now. Besides the look, there Is nothing good I can say about it. Piece of s@#t

    Just installed this unit this morning after watching a video on YouTube, I decided to try it myself cause it seemed easy and it was. It took me about 3 because for 1 there was no instructions on how to, so I had to figure it out as I go. After figuring out what when where, I will say it was not that bad. I thing the hardest part was figuring out how everything works and how to adjust the settings which I am still figuring out. It did come with a gps antenna which I placed in the glove box because I haven't decided where I wont to mount it yet and to my surprise the navigation work just fine. Give me a month or so and I will give a up date. P.S. I LOVE THE LOOK.

  • Kasandra K - Unique new storyline

    Awesome story line!! It sucked me in from the beginning and didn't let me down. Love a strong headed female, who is also smart about her actions. Fell in love with the interactions between Violet and Viggo, made me smile quite often. Lots of secrets, lies, and cover-ups. Cannot wait for the next installment to see how things play out. Brilliantly written, as with everything else of Bella Forrest's! A definite must read!