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  • Carolyn Sari - I first attributed my anxiety and mood problems to having had babies and thinking it was a post pardom thing but then as time we

    As a previous seller and longtime user of this product I had to write a review. I was on the shakes for years on and off after having my two little ones to lose baby weight and then maintain.

  • Chris Mejia - The first time I've gone to battle with a cold sore and won...

    I have been getting cold sores about once a year for as long as I can remember. I have tried many different over-the-counter products, with no proof that they did anything to help the cold sores. I have also tried prescription medications, including Zovirax (Acyclovir) and Valtrex. Though I like to convince myself that the prescription meds helped, they didn't do much. Part of the problem is that you'd like to treat as soon as you know a cold sore is coming, but you may have to call a doctor to get a prescription, and it takes a while for the medicine to build up in your bloodstream, and by the time it starts taking effect you've got an angry cold sore on your hands.

  • Sarah P - THANK YOU - Great Detox Experience

    This is a way to accelerate your detox experience. It won't work miracles, but if you drink a lot of water and follow the directions, you should pass. but this is my experience as this has worked for me. I would use it again if needed.

  • my input - great app

    I have a Kindle Fire & this app works perfectly just like when I watch on my TV. I love it!! No lag time, no stopping perfect picture.

  • Summerville - Good clean look

    Exactly what I expected. Good clean look, easy-ish installation. After figuring out the left vs. right mounting (you'll know if it's wrong very quickly) I still had a bit of trouble getting the screws in cleanly. It would have been nice if they included a right-angle phillips, but life goes on.

  • Blue Cat - Great shoe, but CHECK LIGHTS before giving to your kids!

    My boy (4) was excited for these shoes .. the fit is good -- they do have the "wow" factor..but had to return them the next day because the left shoe, the lights needed a lot of "force" to trigger the lights.. far more than the right shoe so decided to return and get another pair. Son was in tears - he didn't quite understand we were going to get a replacement pair. We got another pair and the lights work as expected. Buyer please test the shoes before giving to your kids to avoid meltdowns especially that there have been reviews of lights not working. For $50, you deserve EXCELLENT QUALITY shoes...