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  • CandE - New Jeep Owner

    Been eyeing various SUVs for over 10 years but waited until my current car was no longer repairable. That said...I am not a car geek so if you want in depth technical specs I am going to be of assistance there. However, I can speak to the functionality. Previously I have owned/driven compact cars, full size sedans, mini vans, and full size vans and was planning to move into an SUV. Even went to the Chicago Auto Show to quickly look between competitors comparable models and larger SUVs. This has the ease of driving a car but not the heft and the slow bulkiness of other SUVs, Minivans, and vans. Plus this can better handle snow storms than most cars I have driven and doesn't have bulk and higher wind profile as full size SUVs, minivans, and Vans. (I was the girl all my friends defaulted to to get cars safely through snow storms and blizzards.)

  • Maria - Great Act Study Guide

    My daughter needed this book for a ACT class she took at our Library. She told me that the book was easy to follow.