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  • C. Hall - Love iPad Kindle version....

    I got Kindle book and put it on my iPad. Book has tons of information about Itally, and specific traveling Tips. iPad version has great versatility, and easy to research specific location Perfect for our travels to Itally. Highly recommended!

  • Gil Adams - Wonderfully entertaining story!

    There was plenty of mystery and tension. A really great plot, with good development of characters and excellent, believable science. A solid first entry into this genre.

  • IBHIPRU2? - This wonderful book got me started on a journey that corrected ...

    Stomach Acid Rocks! This wonderful book got me started on a journey that corrected some nasty problems, some of which have nagged me for years! I have had asthma since youth but it has worsened in the past two years. Two years ago I developed periodic bouts of hoarseness, phlegm buildup in my throat shortly after eating, a constant post nasal drip and a feeling of some sort of gas creeping up into my trachea about 30 minutes after eating. A trip to an ENT doctor resulted in a diagnosis of a form of reflux called LPR or silent reflux. This form doesn't burn your esophagus but wrecks havoc in your sensitive upper respiratory area. The Doc gave me...yes you guessed it Prilosec, an acid reducer. Upon doing my own research on LPR I ran across the works of Chris Kressor and Norman Robillard (Fast Tract Digestion, HESARTBURN, A Revolutionary Diet System to Treat and Prevent Acid Reflux Without Drugs" that attributed reflux to Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), which can be the result of low stomach acid. I did the stomach acid self test and determined I was deficient. I started taking HCL with Pepsin about three months ago and can report no more hoarseness, no more asthma and no more upper respiratory discomfort. Surprisingly, another chronic ailment I have suffered with for decades has also apparently gone away and that is pelvic floor pain. Recent research has identified a connection between pelvic floor pain and SIBO.

  • YEE YEE - Compares with the Yeti

    This RTIC tumbler is the same quality as the yeti. I have held both right next to each other They compare equally.

  • Mother of 2 - Coming from a PA who worked in Pediatrics with 5 kids of my own...

    My parents lived in Germany when I was young and there was a Nivea diaper cream that was fantastic: nice and thick and not too smelly and would clear up a diaper rash in one application. When I had kids I tried Desitin, Butt Paste, and whatever sample I could get from the doctor's office. My mom ended up giving me her last can of Nivea for one of my babies who always had a rash :). I ended up "trying one more" when I ran out of my mom's stuff and fell in love with this. It seemed to work as well as the Nivea and clears up rashes so quickly. I worked as a PA in a Pediatrics office and this is what I recommended. Everybody always says, "I tried Desitin" and I would always say to try Balmex because it is different. It is thicker so it creates a better, stronger barrier from the wet diaper. I hate to recommend certain name brands to patients, especially when it is comparatively more expensive than other brands and a generic isn't available at a cheaper cost but this stuff works wonders and helps those sweet babies be so much happier. Just love it!

  • Ebrakespin - To follow the directions correctly I would need 53 bags in my shed to repel mice!!

    It does not repel mice in my 17x25 shed. I would put 6 of these in my shed, one in each corner and two in the middle. I would clean out the mouse droppings before placing these in their areas and when I would come back there would be mouse droppings right around where they were sitting. I did not follow the directions exactly, but I have a good reason.