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  • D. Milner - Love it.

    When I plugged this in, the neighbor's houses started levitating. Seriously, this has great coverage and a very strong signal. Had to upgrade router because mine was dying and we now have so many devices that need to be connected (switches, Echo, ipads, iphones, Rokus and a host of other connected items) I can get a signal strong enough to stream video through Roku in the camper parked about 1/3 acre away from the house. With my old router, I couldn't get a signal at the other end of the house. Wireless I am getting 30Mbps download (the max DL speed with my cable service) on the laptop. Highly recommended.

  • Robby - It WORKS, but can be challenging at times

    I first saw Jorge Cruise on the Tyra Banks show about a year ago, he promoted the Belly Fat Cure website and said the book would be coming out the following year. I immediately went to his website and looked up the details of the diet. I was shocked to hear that I had to eat less than 15 grams of sugar in one day. I had to really cut down on milk, bananas, and other foods that have a surprising amount of sugar. BUT it worked...the first week my belly shrank a lot (I was following the diet and working out every other day). I mean I really noticed a difference, more than I have on any other eating plan.

  • susancb2 - Too good to explain!

    This is the most effective enzyme for treating cat urine smells. I've been breeding cats for almost 50 years and this is the best.

  • Gina Wray - A great, fresh smelling facewash!

    This scrub is very refreshing and is very gentle on your skin. It removes dead skin, dirt and unwanted oils from your face. I love using this and I also use it once a month on my legs too to get a closer cleaner shave. I definitely would recommend this for those who are looking for a refreshing scrub/face-wash. It even smells good!