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  • Mike - IL - Good purchase

    Good little lamps. They were a bit smaller than I thought they would be; however, the flashlight is very bright and the lantern functionality is very useful. I purchased two of these lights and used them for my Saturday evening tailgate, nice bright lights which I stuck to the side of my vehicle (magnets on the bottom of the Vitchelo). I can see these lights/lamps for many purposes - night lights on the deck, flashlights and lamps in the event you have a power outage and every day flashlight needs.

  • Pam G. - Very helpful

    This product was very helpful in speeding up my laptop and getting unnecessary, old files removed. The only thing I wish it did was give you a bit of a warning before the scheduled start of a weekly cleaning. That's probably the only thing I don't like very well - I can schedule the time/date/frequency of these cleanings, but if I'm not watching the clock and the time comes for it to start, it will knock you out of whatever you're doing to get the cleaning started. Maybe it's something I just haven't figured out how to get around yet! :) Other than that, this was definitely a good product and I'm very, very happy to have my 3-yr. old laptop running so well once again.

  • Susan - Sage 50 2013 Compatibility Problems with Win 7 - 64 Bit

    I have used Peachtree for over 20 years and was thoroughly satisfied with it. Over the years I encouraged a number of businesses to purchase Peachtree - it was an outstanding accounting program that was reasonably priced. Unfortunately, Sage 50 2013 has some major issues with windows 7 - 64 bit. Basically, I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the software in order to get it to work for a few days at a time (and then I have to repeat the process). Otherwise, the screens look like you are running in safe mode and the reports are distorted. I have called Sage repeatedly to report these problems and ask for a fix. Sage won't answer my questions or help me in any way until I buy their service plan for megabucks. That is totally wrong. I now issue warnings to people not to buy Sage until they fix the win 7 - 64 bit compatibility issues. And if I can't get this fixed soon, I will jump fence and buy Quick Books.

  • pcbliss - Pretty Decent - but you have to really dig into the documentation to figure some things out

    I was very impressed with how easy it was to quickly build things, but when it came time to really tweak and fine tune my floorplan, a lot of the options are very well hidden. I also wish this version had better control over lighting in the 3d views and better rendering.

  • Jo-Rell - 2 in 1 you cant go wrong.

    Ive used other Selsun blue before this one. Its good for those that want one bottle that has 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Same treatment everything in one. Im happy will buy again if needed.