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  • Kiera J. Northington - The Murder of Sonny Liston

    The book was very informative and thought provoking. It gives you a peek into the life of Sonny Liston, and leaves you with more questions than answers. Forty-five years have passed since Sonny's last breath, and although we don't know how he died, we know how he lived his colorful life. I remember hearing my grandfather talk about him, and that was one of the reasons I wanted to read the book. It is well-written, and holds your interest from first page to last. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes boxing, biographies, memoirs, or just wants to read a good book.

  • E. Zuniga - A Disjointed Effort from Michael

    It's been clear for a while now that Michael Buble has been looking out to branch away from the standards that launched his career into his own brand of pop. From his debut to Nobody But Me, Michael's albums have steadily featured more and more on his own pop songs and away from the "safe pop" of Call Me Irresponsible's "Everything." But this exposes a problem that is especially prevalent in Nobody But Me: the standards he continues to do combine with his own pop songs (themselves which have become increasingly exploratory of more genres such as rap) combine to make for an uneven album. It's as if Michael tries to have it both ways - relying on his bread and butter standards, while also really trying branch out into pop. While I reside in the "standards" camp, I can understand Michael in not wanting to limit his career to simply singing other's songs. However, what made his earlier pop songs like "Everything" great was that they seamlessly combined with the rest of the album in a complementary and cohesive effort, in a way that they don't in Nobody But Me.