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The Children's Clinic - Jonesboro, Arkansas Pediatric Clinic - The Children's Clinic, Jonesboro, AR - We are committed to protecting and promoting the growth, development and health of all children.

  • https://jbrkids.com/about-the-clinic/ About The Children's Clinic - Jonesboro's Pediatricians - The Children's Clinic has a medical staff of 9 board certified pediatricians, 4 advanced practice nurses, & a support staff of over fifty.
  • https://jbrkids.com/meet-our-doctors/ Meet Our Pediatricians - The Children's Clinic - Jonesboro, AR - Since founded 1959, the 10 pediatricians of The Children's Clinic in Jonesboro, Arkansas continue to care for your children's medical needs.

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  • twalkerw - Too Good to be True!!!!

    Listen up, Gal Pals: If you're anything like me--and I bet you are because we are all identical! ;) ;) - you hate the confusion and fear of trying to write with smelly, empowered man-pens. "How do I hold it?" you wonder. "What do I write on?", "What is math?" I hear you, girlfriend. Let's face it, using your husband's pen feels like wearing trousers when not on a bicycle or horseback--it's just wrong! For so long women everywhere have wondered, "Will there ever be a writing utensil for me?"

  • Sara - This is a beautiful car seat

    This is a beautiful car seat! It came assembled and was easy to install. The only problem....my daughter hated it. The padding is minimal and my daughter would cry every time I put her in it. She always loved riding in the car before this carseat. I am thankful to be able to return it because it's just not working for her. I love the rebound bar and the look of it is so sleek. However, listening to my daughter cry and watching her squirm every time she had to ride in in broke my heart. Too bad. I had high hopes for this carseat.

  • Amazon Customer - ... am now starting on week 3 and I have better focus and clean energy during the day

    I am loving Masterbrain I am now starting on week 3 and I have better focus and clean energy during the day. As someone with an Attention disorder at the age of 36 and mother of two I can honestly say this is product is amazing. The PM has improved my sleep qaulity and feel refreshed in the mornings. I have got my husband started on this and he is also loving this product. Can't say enough good things about it.

  • Oliver Bell - The range is very good and i don't even get breakup when the microwave ...

    im using this as a transmitter and sending TV audio to a pair of bluetooth speakers in the kitchen, The latency is very small but noticeable, you have to mute the tv sound or you hear an echo, The range is very good and i don't even get breakup when the microwave is running right next to the speakers. Im using this with the MOTONG(TM) New design Toslink Digital Optical Audio Splitter Adapter 1 in 2 Out-Black optical splitter to great effect.

  • Julie B. Rieth - Just what we needed!

    Despite many therapy sessions and doctor appointments, my husband and I were still at a loss as to how to control our son's angry outbursts. The Total Transformation Program gave us clear actions to take, words to say and validation for our expectations about behavior. While the transformation does not happen overnight, I see progress and I feel so much more in control of my actions and reactions. I feel like I have a plan now, and I can see more clearly my role in the relationships and behavior. I've put the lessons on my iPod and refer back to them regularly. I'm always reminded of actions to take and ways of responding that apply to new situations that occur. Every parent can benefit from this training. James Lehman is a wonderful coach!