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  • EagleWeng - I'M IMPRESSED

    I LOVE the customized service and color. The product is less "drippy" than and not nearly as "smelly" as "OTC" hair color. Also, the illustrations and instructions that accompany the product are easy to follow, along with the hair clips, which are not only convenient but also durable. The best aspect is that I don't ever have to worry about the store's not having my particular color when I need it because it is delivered directly to my house. And, if I ever want to go a little lighter or a little darker--or even change colors completely--consulting with the colorists at eSalon is as simple as filling out a form online and waiting for someone to contact me; plus, I always have the opportunity to provide feedback following my usage of the product.

  • Desi Dad - Did not work for my son. Too much smell ...

    Did not work for my son. Too much smell, gas and fussiness. Sensitive was the winner all kind of symptoms gone. Very convenient to buy. Available wholesale markets too.

  • Brent Hillyer - I really wanted the reviews to be wrong

    Bad dialogue, lame villain, too much product placement, and disappointing cameos. Comicbookgirl19 was correct that we shouldn't support a bad movie just because we want something to work. I was hoping for a successful relaunch, this was not it. Definitely not worth a $5 rental

  • Luvscavaliers - Nice First Chapter... A Few Spoilers Follow.

    There was a good idea here, but it got lost by the end of the first chapter. On a bitterly cold day a man walking his dog discovers a skeleton, carefully placed, and meant to be found. A grumpy forensic pathologist (is there any other kind?) calls a forensic odontologist out to the scene to help identify the remains. Two smart and savvy ladies are working over a small female skeleton and one of them is overwhelmed by a piece of evidence that connects the skeleton to her past. The stage has been set for an epic revenge story and I am enjoying this. A nice hook has been set with a fat little worm to tempt me, but then it just floats there...ignored by the author.

  • Nadine Reece - HoHoHo

    What's not to love? My boys can't wait to open each of these small projects every day! This is our second year, and even tho I've wondered if the themes couldn't be a little more festive than cops 'n robbers, I plan on getting these for years to come. We enjoy the unique pieces as additions to our collection. This year I'm going to take them out of the cardboard box and put them in a permanent wooden Advent calendar I have that matches my decor. So much better than candy or cheap little toys! As for the climbing price, I find that interesting but have two thoughts: 1) Lego company provides me with free Lego Club magazines and a free high-quality weekly animated TV show; I don't think the price for this toy is outrageous; and 2) I've tried to find decent advent stuffing toys for my calendar that are a little better than birthday party favors, and that easily adds up to as much or more than the price of this product. Highly recommended.