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  • C. Jones - Doesn't work for us. .. Well marketed

    Our understanding is that the Newborn variant is rather new to the marketplace. Like many, I am sure most people started using the ready made Enfamil formula provided by the hospital. Also like many, you were told not to switch, in fear of upsetting what your child has become accustomed to. We fell into the trap. However, over the last several days, the gas, the vomit and the general irritability have only gotten worse. What is even better (worse), if you go on Enfamil's own website and read the customer reviews of this product, you will see that we are not alone. 40%-50% of the reviewers have a similar response, about the gas, etc. I have yet to find a formula review that doesn't have some negative comments or some "my pediatrician told me" stated fact. However I have yet to find one that seems to have such a common negative occurrence, despite its positive reviews. As for the "my pediatrician told me", I am reminded that even the guy who came in last in med school, is still called Doctor today...

  • William Reebel - A Great HR Resource

    This book addresses just about every HR function in a very concise, to the point and easy to read manner. It is an excellent resource for anyone new to HR, setting up an HR program or just wanting a refresher. This is also a great reference for everyone in a management position. The title of "The Essential HR Handbook" is certainly appropriate.

  • Dawn L Roberts - Different formula

    I LOVE this stuff, and this was my 3rd tube. However, the consistency of the product is different than what I had bought in the past. I compared to some I still had left over in another tube and this one was not as dense and does not provide as good as coverage as the others I have had. Not sure if it was just this tube? It indicates an expiration date of Dec 2014 so it should still be good. dissapointed and will think twice before ordering off line again from an unknown place.

  • WhatThe... - Don't do this!!!!

    As a joke I had one of the little plastic men say, "I guess you missed the bomb!" and the plastic airport police took him away. I haven't seen him since that time and it's been 3 days!!! I'm upset, there plastic guys don't handle jokes very well!!! Maybe the product is TOO realistic!!!