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  • onandonatpitt - Great if you love Timbuk2 products

    I recently purchased this for my Nikon D3100. I'm able to easily fit the body, stock lens, charger, and another Sigma 300mm lens in the insert with room to spare. The inserts fits incredibly well in a Commute messenger bag, which allows you to have extra places for storage. It's a shame this bag doesn't have separate hooks for a shoulder strap because it could be used as a standalone bag for quick excursions.

  • Buckeye - Great Product - poor product packaging!!!!

    I had used this product before and absolutely loved it. I still have no issue with the product but the pump DOES NOT WORK because the manufacturer failed to install the attached straw like extension that allows the liquid to be pulled up from the container and the staw like extension did not just fall off and drop down into the liquid! I saw this complaint on one other review but thought that was just a fluke. I was wrong! Can I get a replacement for this purchase that actually works?