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Construction and Design in Albuquerque | Klinger Constructors LLC - We design & build quality commercial, industrial, high-tech, & medical construction projects, as well as dependable, honest relationships with our customers.

  • http://klingerllc.com/our-services/ Design-Build & Construction Services | Klinger Constructors LLC - From expert pre-construction and construction to design-build, design-assist-build, management-at-risk, and facility management we do it all, and we do it well.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-services/construction/ Albuquerque Construction Services | Klinger Constructors LLC - We've established a reputation in the construction industry of integrity, capability, experience, and a passion for excellence. Build your relationship with us.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-services/pre-construction/ Pre-Construction & Site Selection | Klinger Constructors LLC - We provide for your pre-construction needs in-house: detailed estimating, value engineering, & site selection, with the benefit of single-source responsibility.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-services/design-assist-build/ Design-Assist-Build Contractor | Klinger Constructors LLC - Design-assist-build is our specialty, and we'll work with your team to provide valuable pre-construction services, resulting in more efficient construction.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-services/design-build/ Design-Build, Single Source of Responsibility | Klinger Constructors - Enjoy the benefits of a single source of responsibility, including streamlined processes and heightened efficiency, with design-build services from Klinger.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-services/manager-at-risk/ Construction Manager at Risk | Klinger Constructors LLC - Our project managers provide both estimating and construction management to streamline your processes and enhance project communication and efficiency.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-services/facility-maintenance/ Facility Maintenance & Improvement | Klinger Constructors LLC - We are pleased to provide sustaining maintenance and building improvements & enhancements on a variety of industrial, commercial, and healthcare facilities.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-projects/ Construction Projects | Klinger Constructors LLC - We approach each commercial, industrial, high-tech, and healthcare construction project with pride, dedication, and passion, and an enduring quality.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-projects/commercial/ Commercial Construction Projects | Klinger Constructors LLC - Look no further than Klinger; our construction contributions to the Albuquerque and Santa Fe commercial community are bold, elegant, and eye-catching.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-projects/industrial/ Industrial Construction Projects | Klinger Constructors LLC - Let us exceed your expectations with a manufacturing facility, industrial plant, warehouse, etc., which perfectly combines form, function, and a unique look.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-projects/high-tech/ High-Tech Construction Projects | Klinger Constructors LLC - Our proven experience and extensive high-tech manufacturing capabilities in the semiconductor, solar, and pharmaceutical industries ensure we're up to the challenge.
  • http://klingerllc.com/our-projects/healthcare/ Healthcare Construction Projects | Klinger Constructors LLC - We specialize in building state-of-the-art, visually striking, cost-efficient healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, and administration offices.
  • http://klingerllc.com/what-to-expect/ Values-Based Construction - What to Expect | Klinger Constructors LLC - We are a general contractor with strong values and ethics, dedicated to building the safest, highest quality projects, on time and on budget. Expect more.
  • http://klingerllc.com/what-to-expect/customer-satisfaction/ Construction Customer Satisfaction | Klinger Constructors LLC - We work diligently to exceed your expectations, keeping all projects running smoothly & efficiently, built with quality, and infused with our ethical standards.
  • http://klingerllc.com/what-to-expect/quality/ Quality Construction | Klinger Constructors LLC - Quality is the difference, from organizational structure to corporate policy to the quality checklists and pre-task plans completed daily by our craft workers.
  • http://klingerllc.com/what-to-expect/safety/ Safety in Construction | Klinger Constructors LLC - We provide an injury- and incident-free work environment with in-house safety personnel. Our employees receive continual training in first aid, CPR, & OSHA 10.
  • http://klingerllc.com/what-to-expect/cost-advantages/ Cost Advantages | Klinger Constructors LLC - We'll make sure your project costs remain as low as possible without compromising quality with realistic budgets created early on, and a team approach.
  • http://klingerllc.com/what-to-expect/green-building/ Build Green - LEED Gold, Silver, Certified | Klinger Constructors LLC - We're working to build a better tomorrow with LEED Gold, Silver, and Certified buildings, and 7 LEED-Accredited Professionals on staff.
  • http://klingerllc.com/about-us/ About Us | Klinger Constructors LLC - Why Klinger? Our outstanding ethics, experienced people, customer satisfaction, safety record, low project cost, field resources, financial stability, and more!
  • http://klingerllc.com/about-us/our-values/ Foundation of Ethics and Values | Klinger Constructors LLC - We're built on a strong foundation of values, including ethical behavior, excellence, continuous education, the valuation of our employees, and success.
  • http://klingerllc.com/about-us/our-management-team/ Construction Management Team | Klinger Constructors LLC - Our management team has led us to success using knowledge, experience, and time-honored values. Now let us help you succeed in making your vision a reality.
  • http://klingerllc.com/about-us/community-involvement/ Community Involvement | Klinger Constructors LLC - Klinger Constructors is proud of our support and involvement with these fine organizations throughout New Mexico
  • http://klingerllc.com/contact-us/ Contact Us | Klinger Constructors LLC - We are a value-centered construction company specializing in commercial, industrial, high-tech, & healthcare projects. Call us today at 505-822-9990.

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