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  • Kevin - Kaspersky anti-virus 2014

    I liked it because when I installed Kaspersky it automaticly got rid of my past anti-virus software and downloaded itself onto my computer and all I had to do was sit there and let it do its thing. My next computer was a little older and took more time but it was finally installed and I am happy with both

  • zptdooda - Great for fine hair!

    Just started using this product and it does a great job maintaining my hairstyle without making it look sticky or greasy. Does not require any real skill to apply or use a plus for those of us that don't like to spend a ton of time on our hair but want it to look great.

  • David's Wife - Requires expensive supplements

    This 10 day detox diet plan requires expensive supplements. His supplement pack, which should last for 4 weeks, costs $140. The book suggests that you throw away all processed foods and foods that contain sugar or hydrogenated oils. While I agree that those foods are not healthy, I think that if you really are going to remove all of these foods from your diet, perhaps you could donate them to a food bank rather than the trash can. I think that it is a good idea to eat healthy foods, but the book just seems to be a set up to sell the expensive supplements. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.

  • maureen - Best Shampoo & Conditioner Ever!

    I received a sample in the mail and I was shocked how this product tamed my thin frizzy hair! Not only did it tame my hair but it was light and had a lot of volume. Love, Love this Product!

  • Honest Reviewer - Nice, soft skin!

    I really find this cleanser nice. A pretty good sized bottle that goes quite a long way. Instructions are to use it with a bit of warm water as part of a 3 step regimen that starts with this cleanser, then after, applying a vitamin c serum, then finishing off with a moisturizer.