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  • Kindle Customer - Blitz Wolf Supreme

    Had this power bank for 6 months now and it is downright impressive for $23 bucks. I am a very critical person and research prior to purchasing anything...sometimes to the point of obsession. I researched this product the price point was fair and took a chance. I put this device through it's paces weekly charging numerous devices every week on the go. The blitz wolf not only exceeds my expectations but meets my every need. The device will hold a charge laying idle for weeks on end when not being used. I've charged my note 3xs, a blue tooth speaker and a 1000 milliamp power stick all on one charge from the Blitz Wolf. In these days of throw away electronics and cheap parts the Blitz Wolf stands above them. They use high quality components and it's built to out last the others. I really would pay $75 for this device knowing what I know now. It's really that dependable. I will purchase another one maybe two just to gift to loved ones.

  • Jennifer N. Locklear - Awful

    I was pregnant with my first child & used this product religiously with no results. I am now treating extensive stretch marks that this product failed to help prevent.

  • Emily - Great floss!

    I really like this floss! Doesn't shred, cleans well and the mint flavor is nice. I will definitely buy it again.

  • Rich(アニメとゲームが優先!!) - While Not A Spectacular Season It Was Better Then I Thought It Would Be.

    Like with the previous fours seasons the fifth starts out with a bang as well as introducing Five-0's newest member as a series regular.You'll have a decent mix of action/drama/romance and thrills from the writers and while there are about five episodes that are lackluster the rest do a good job of keeping you entertained throughout the end of the episode. For the price it was a great deal to add this season to the other four I already have which is somewhat surprising as I wasn't much of a fan the first season but the series did grow on me. So for fans of five-o we have another entertaining season to enjoy until the start of season six.

  • Jack Heart - Great easy to use and lightweight

    I finally had a chance to use this, and it is great. As other reviews say, it is easy to use and it might be good to use a larger cup, or hold it higher to act as drip coffee. I found it fine to pour in and let sit like you would let a tea bag sit. As a warning, but not a negative thing, know that disposing of the grounds can be a little messy, so if you are hardcore about leaving no trace, you may need to just wipe it off a bit, and deal with it being dirty for your trip.

  • tonib06 - Great product

    This worked far better than anything else I tried. I'm very pleased with how well it cleaned my couch. I only have four stars because I want to try it a couple more times before making a final judgement. I didn't leave it on my couch as long as it said to as I was concerned about it ruining the fabric. I also used the scotchguard stain protectant when I got the furniture so I assume that they maybe worked together? I would recommend the product conpletely.

  • CrewCut - Works as described

    I bought this for my wife, who experiences arthritis pain in her hand,neck and hips. She said it was amazing how quickly it eases the pain and stiffness. Hope it works as well for you, but, with the guarantee, buy with confidence.