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  • Florencio Carlos - So so ... Take his advice with a grain of salt

    After purchasing several of Rick's books -- Ive found that most of his advice is pretty good. HOWEVER, what i definitely recommend you stay away from are his shopping recommendations. I also wish he had better map illustrations in his books instead of the 200 yr treasure map art he uses.

  • First Last - Beware, your computer will become unusable

    I installed.. My internet will not work. So I tried uninstalling and installing another virus scan sofware, but mcafee overwrote my cdrom drive driver and I could not install another virus software.

  • Rachel - Without a doubt has helped me

    My energy is better, I sleep more soundly, I have more muscle energy and vitality, mental clarity. I cannot eat the equivalent of food to get these nutrients, at least here in the USA. Even organic food would come from nutrient depleted soils, albiet grown without herbicides and pesticides. I am also taking Osteo FX, and experience extreme reduction of joint /muscle pain after one month. This is on top of eating a diet that is better than probably 95% of the country, and exercising daily, plus having no bad habits or addicitons, including that of sugar excesses - it's not like I eat crap and rely on a box of supplements to "make me better". That said these products have been very helpful and supply missing nutrients. I hold back on the 5th star until I have had more time with this product, however, I will continue to take it and re-purchase.