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Country:, Europe, DK

City: 12.0564 , Denmark

  • CABeachGal M - Fabrics and stone tile

    So far, I've used this to clean up several items that I stored in a moldy garage w/bathroom I got in a new house. A dear cotton bright red and yellow quilt was very mildew/mold smelling and washing it did not help the problem. Obviously, I could not use bleach and I can't really take bleach fumes in the bathroom. I bought two bottles and sprayed every inch of the quilt, both sides and let it dry using a small space heater. It smells like I washed it (which I now will to get the particles off) and it did not affect any of the colors. I have several other blankets which I know now I can save and one upholstered dining chair I plan on saving too.

  • lionrawr3 - Not Quite as Pictured

    The ball received is in great condition. A great add to decor. Although, the black plastic piece (where you pump air into) is not included, not is in the correct position. I'd still recommend to others in need of a friend.

  • Ella P. - LGR may be good but not for everybody

    Please do not buy a big supply of the product right away and definitely do some research before purchasing it. LGR may be good but not for everybody. Unfortunately, I did not find any information about its side effects when I was purchasing it (from Dr. Axe's website). I am not sure if I benefit from taking the product in any way. However, I started experiencing a number of unpleasant symptoms, when I started taking it, and the symptoms have worsened over a course of two weeks (This is how long I have been taking it so far). I have had stomach aches, I have felt nauseous, I have a diarrhea, and I have felt more and more stuck/ unable to take action while approaching problems (never happened before). It may be L- Glutamine, one of the main ingredients, that causes the unpleasant side effects, or the combination of ingredients. I cannot find any information about it on Dr. Axe's website or on his Facebook page, which makes me feel a little suspicious. I would definitely appreciate more transparency on all possible effects of the product, including the negative ones.