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  • Kaylee - Worth the money

    I like this product, it can see the results everyday. It's much cheaper than going onto the website and doing the 90 day challenge. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight, but remember it's not a quick fix.

  • Amazon Customer - Did it again!!!

    As expected, she killed it! Now she has me ready to read Craven and Jazel's story!! Which will probably be another year... Omg I'm sad!

  • carol costello - Using a diffuser is one way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils

    Essential oils have so many uses and healing properties. Using a diffuser is one way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. As an essential oil user, I was thrilled when offered this product at a promotional price to share my honest, unbiased opinion. Always Feel Good's Premium Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is just that: a premium product. This diffuser has an automatic shut off as well as 6 different colors settings you can set it to, depending on your mood. It also can serve as a humidifier or a night light. And it is not loud or disrruptive to my sleep in the least bit. I use mine on my night stand and breathe in lavender oil all night long. I love everything about this high quality, premium diffuser. You will too!

  • Joseph F. Collerd - Does What It Says It Will Do

    I am very pleased with Ultra-Ever Dry. I was seeking a tough strong surface coating for protecting my front steps--which get minimal traffic--make them use the back door from water and oil issues. It works very well when applied correctly.

  • The Reviewer Pro - Takes care of bloating and gives the same energy as a cup of coffee

    I purchased this Tea because I really wanted to start a detox and this one seemed to last for 30 days instead of the week long ones I have been seeing everywhere. I have high hopes for this Tea but I have only been using it for a couple days now. So far I’ve noticed that it’s made me less bloated in the mornings and has also given me a little bit of an energy boost, similar to that of a cup of coffee.

  • MJCulross - Very good source of quality 3mm ABS filament

    I have bought IC3D 3mm ABS in multiple colors and have had very good luck printing with all of it on my Lulzbot TAZ5. I would definitely recommend these filaments for their high quality, excellent consistency, and cost/performance.


    I purchased the Black Seed Oil hoping I would get results in weight reduction but there was no difference in my weight after 2 weeks of taking 1 teas of the product per day. (if I consumed more than a teas. per day I would get a headache) But I can say that by the third day of taking BSO my energy shot through the roof and has remained that way as long as a started my day with 1 teas. of this oil! I can feel it when it kicks in, the fogginess in my head clears, my visions is better, I don't feel tired or weak but strong and vibrate. I zoom through my responsibilities at work, no longer feeling weak, tired or down in my mind, I have increased memory and mental clarity. Although I do not see how this oil can benefit or assist in weight reductions as others have claimed, I can recommend this oil to those who need an all natural assistance for depression, mental clarity, strength, vision and energy. It has helped me in those areas tremendously! NOTE*-Maybe the help for weight reduction comes through the energy you get from taking the oil because now your so fired up you want to work out! (smile) hmmmm I feel like going for a walk......