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  • Concerned One - review for immersion 7 disc box set.

    I must start with the fact that I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd, and already have every scrap of material that I can own from them. So why purchase this? For me it was to be a completist. I have the other two new immersion box sets, so I have to get this. If you are not like me, and just want what is absolutely new (the two demo discs), then the experience 4 disc version would do just fine for you, and save you a lot of cash. The contents of 4 of the discs are previously release (the wall album and is there anybody out there live cd's), but remixed. The remixing is really not that special for me. The 2 demo discs were the must haves for me, and they are pretty cool to hear what was going on through the evolution of this album. The dvd was not that great, has a documentary on the movie that was previously released on 20th anniversary wall dvd and concert films, but not worth extra cash from casual listeners. The packaging is good, artwork excellent, and coasters, marbles, and scarf neat also. This would have been the be-all, end all box set and gotten 5 Stars from me had they just took the time and put a blu ray version of The Wall film in here or a live recording of the wall performance with the original members from that time period, or best if both. Overall, get the experience edition unless you get the good deal I did and have the shelf space and extra cash to purchase this.

  • Ruth E. Hull - Recommend for flaking dry scalp.

    My hairdresser recommend this shampoo to me. It takes a little getting use to no lather. I like it now. Leaves hair and scalp very clean plus not so drying to hair and scalp. I do not have the flaking from the scalp like I use to.

  • @67mcd - Yes it works!

    My husband and I have used this multiple times and it works as directed! YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

  • LilBolo - does the job

    For those of you with sweaty or clammy hands this is the product for you. In this specific purchase it's used to deter sweaty hands during golf- the package says it can be used for other sports as well.

  • Brandon Roarty - The Best Book for a Beginner in Investing

    This book is for anyone who wants to know how the stock market works. This book is for anyone who wants to know what influences the stock market. This book is for anyone who wants to make money on the stock market. There is a reason this is the fifth addition of this book, because it work, and because the author wants to keep his readers informed and up to date on the ever changing environment of the stock market.

  • M. Paschall - Excellent Laptop For The Road Warrier

    I was looking to update my aging Lenovo laptop and had narrowed my search down to three computers and finally settled on this Asus 13 incher.