Baclofene 25 Mg - Baclofène Dans Le Traitement De L'Alcoolisme - ajoute-t-elle, si vous êtes enceinte ou que vous essayez de tomber enceinte dans la capacité à appréhender la réalité environnante,

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  • Melissa L. - Great case but needs more color options

    I love that you can talk with case closed and the cutout home button. However wish it came in different colors I'm not a black color on my phone kind of person but other than that it suits my needs

  • Rebecca Ivie Scott - It Works for Me

    Therabreath is the only product I've ever used that gets rid of my "tonsil stones"--the odiferous white waxy buildup some people get in their tonsil folds. I've had problems with these all my life and none of my ENT's suggestions worked; Therabreath does. It's a great breath product, but I was amazed it worked as advertised to eliminate the buildup.

  • chefsarah - just alittle spray not to much

    this is pretty good stuff. Dont need a whole lot, But my hair looks super shiny when its done and blow dried.