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  • Real Name - New Smell is Horrible

    I have used this product for over 7 yrs; twice daily. This was the best damn product out in the market for facial skin. And then one day I pick up the product and go home and use it and it starts smelling. I look at the package and it says that now it comes with new smell. The new smell was so disgusting and horrible but I said to myself may be its just me that I am used to the old one and anything new is not good. So I used the product tube after tube for at least 4 tubes and still could not get used to the smell.

  • Laura Beatty-Walsh - LET A VIRUS IN

    ALMOST KILLED MS LAPTOP #3 let something horrible in that the techies took a month to fix. I won't be purchasing Norton ever again, let alone another MS product. Better save up because Mac, here I come.....

  • SommerAngel - Save your money!!!

    This is the most horrible product! This does absolutely nothing and they charge you an arm and a leg for it. You should just take your money and throw it out the window. This is a big scam.