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  • Lovdancin - This is an awesome product.

    If you are an adult who loves to doodle, then this is for you. I bought some great colored pens to go with it and I am really enjoying it. It lets you keep your inner child happy while you do adult things, like boring meetings.

  • Colleen M. Ryan - Review Update!!!

    My initial review was only one star due to the fact that after getting two bunnies, I couldn't get them to work? On a last chance, I went out and bought new DURACELL batteries and tried them, desperate to have this present for my Grandson's first birthday! THEY WORKED!!! Now I have what I am sure will be his favorite present as he is absolutely addicted to this bunny!!

  • Amazon Customer - GREAT!!!

    My husband and I have been doing this devotional together every night and are enjoying how in depth it goes with the questions. It really makes you thinking about things deeper and gets you talking to each other about topics that you normally would not talk about.

  • Kevin R. Jenkins - An annual purchase for my wife's Christmas

    At my wife's request, I buy her a New Yorker cartoon calendar every year for Christmas. She loves it!

  • Jenny - Great Product!

    I have used many Callus Removers. This one is by far the best one! My feet have never felt so smooth. With the flexible neck, it makes getting the curves of the heel, convenient. Great product from a great company!

  • D. F. Staker - yummy!

    I drink this tasty tea for adrenal support. I struggle with adrenal fatigue and 2 cups of this tea a day really helps. It is also wonderful iced. The flavor is wonderfully spicy...not like black licorice. The licorice root naturally sweetens the spice flavor.