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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Mick Pierson - $200 commercial

    Really disappointed in this laptop. It's size and weight harken back about a decade. The benefit of having a little memory over a net book is completely lost to the enourmous amount of junk predownloaded on Windows 10. It's basically like buying a commercial. It's incredibly frustrating to buy a laptop that is slower and has less storage space that your smartphone. I find it rediculous that HP and Microsoft are pushing their products relentlessly on a customer whose already bought one of their products. Maybe I don't want TripAdvisor, Xbox, NetFlix, Candy Crush, etc, etc, etc... It's now my computer, let me decide what I want to do with it. HP's Assistant is beyond annoying and McAfee Security is using up every last drop of space. I'm returning the item as I find no use for it over what I can do on my smart phone or tablet. And I am over this age of a company needing to know my entire life. No you can't have my locatiob, you can't acess my email, you can't have my friend list... I am beyond done with the modern day internet. I feel like social media was just a dupe to get people comfortable with sharing every last thing in life. I want my privacy back and I don't want to be harassed or marketed to every seconds of every day. Mind ur business!

  • Amazon Customer - Works for me!

    I am a college student and a full time worker... I started taking CALM NOW Anxiety Relief and Stress Support while under extreme stress at home with a very sick, dying dog AND trying to balance work and study. I found while studying I would get signs of anxiety--rapid heartbeat with dizzy and floating sensations... this really helped me stay focused while I was going through some severe stress. Also, it seems like it was a little bit easier for me to sleep at night.

  • KEYJONZ - Results in 10 Days

    Saw this product line featured n InStyle mag's Best Beauty Buys.I wanted,and got,improvement in nose to mouth lines.I used it each morning making sure to massage it in an upward motion to each line.Although I did not see results in a week as advertised,I did in 10 days.Both lines are softer in look and less crease- y.

  • JJ34 - Drop the Weight with the Drops!!

    I spent over $1500 on a similar type of low calorie diet, lost 30 lbs and I've kept it off. I wanted to lose 10 more lbs but didn't want to spend more money. I found this product, read a lot of the reviews and saw people make the comparison to the same Nutrimost diet. This is amazing, I wish I would have found this before I spent all that money. Granted, you do need to stick to a low calorie diet if you want to lose the weight quickly, but the drops work amazingly well by reducing your cravings and appetite. I have also been using the drops to maintain my weight, even though my caloric intake has increased. The best regimen is 10-12 drops under your tongue (hold it there for 2 minutes, no eating or drinking 15-20 minutes before or after). Do this in the morning as soon as you get up, mid-day and before you go to bed. It worked the best when I ate only fruits, veggies & lean meats. Yes, if that's all you eat you'll lose weight without the drops, HOWEVER, you'd be hungry all the time. The drops definitely help!!

  • ejones282 - Won't buy it again.

    I have been on this supplement for over 2 months. I have not lost any weight, and my energy level has not changed at all. If this works for some people, that's great. But it did nothing for me, and I won't be buying it again.

  • ThreeDogsMama - Labelled "non toxic" but it is NOT "non toxic"

    This product is most definitely NOT "non toxic". READ THE MSDS. DO NOT use this product anywhere near your pets, or where they can eventually get it on their feet and potentially lick it off of their paws. Even if you think you have used lots of water to dilute it and in rinsing, this product will cause seizures and could easily kill a chemically sensitive animal.