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    I did a lot of research on balance bikes before deciding to go with this one. Rather than talk to the other brands, or preach about the benefits of balance bikes in general, I'll simply list the reasons I like the KinderBike Laufrad (and the vendor!) over the others:

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    Have been using the bag for approximately eight (8) months. Holes have already worn in the fabric where the bag fits in the cart strap. A little reinforcement in this area would go a long way.

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    I have both Electrolux and Asko front loading washing machines. With the Electrolux, I have always left the door open, and the detergent tray open when not in use. I purchased it in 2006. So far, I've never had an issue with mildew, or an odor. I have used bleach, and the TIde product as well to clean the Electrolux and the Asko. The Tide product is a powder - this product is a tablet. I noticed that the tablet does not fully dissolve, as has been noted by other users. I don't know if this matters or not. As I was not dealing with odor issues, I suppose that it adequately "freshened" up the washers as it is supposed to do. I wasn't blown away with sparkling results, nor was I disappointed. I'm not likely to purchase this product again. The clean cycle, with a little bleach, seems to do a.good job.