Management News - In addition to Lankester's new role, Executive Vice President Christine Dusek and Director of Connected Communications Robin Grainger will respectively

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  • Ricebunny - Best purchase this holiday yet!

    I used to have a little Mr Coffee espresso machine that ran based on steam. What I mean is I had to wait for the steam to build up before I could make coffee and this could take about 15 minutes. With my new ECMP50 model that has changed. I turn it on, and by the time I put the grounds in the filter it's ready to go. The coffee comes out so much better with the added pressure of the pump that is built in to this one and the steam never loses pressure. The water reservoir makes it really handy too since I don't have to be measuring water every time like I used to with my other machine. One thing I would suggest to the manufacturer however is to include a separate tamper instead of the cheap plastic one that is part of the measuring spoon. I purchased a separate one so I'm happy. I did not think I could get coffee this good from a sub $100 machine but I now stand corrected.

  • Motor Head - Excellent Battery Charger with Temperature Compensation

    I studied the specifications of many battery chargers and reviewed their customer feedback on before I chose the BatteryMINDer 2012 charger.