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  • Desert Garden - Used this product for years

    I first used this product years ago when I lived in a low-income housing development that was rampant with cockroaches. It was the only thing that worked, but also I loved that it didn't have that pesticide smell that lingers and gives me a headache. I have continued to use it during the years. I prevent bug problems in the house by sprinkling insecticide granules around the foundation of the house and then I spray the thresholds of the doorways with Bengal. I also mist a little in the corners of the ceilings and rooms to prevent "cobweb spiders."

  • Justin Spector - Good sequel to a classic film

    I thought this was a fine sequel to compliment the original. The original was better but it is very rare to see a sequel be better than the first. I thought it was innovative to see how the human race would have progressed after gaining the alien technology. The only issue I had was there was to much emphasis on story lines such as David's dad that really had no relevance to the overall plot and kind of was a waste of time. Like just because you have a sequel doesn't mean all of the original characters need to return. Will Smith was missed but him not being in the film didn't hurt it at all. Actually I always thought his role in the first film was overrated. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Sci fi and just an overall enjoyable film.

  • Spencer Little - The pictures are black and white and some details are still left out but the book is very useful.

    Very well written. The pictures are black and white and some details are still left out but the book is very useful.

  • James P Moeller - Finally! High quality, resonably priced filament

    I ordered five different spools of 3mm abs to print stocking stuffers for Christmas. Every one had issues. Moisture. wild diameter inconsistencies, extruder clogs, etc. I read the good reviews of the IC3D filament and it is made in the US. What a complete difference. No snap crackle and pops. Rock solid diameters. Smooth printing. I am sold. Thank you for a great product, at a great price, made in the USA.

  • Justavet - Company is a sleaze

    This was a transaction where I obtained the unit directly from the Magicjack company. I have had the original mj for a little over a year. I received a "special offer by email only available for a limited number of units." First, I doubt that is anywhere near the truth. I just might have the US Attorney look at that marketing ploy. One of the things that I thought was good was that even though I would be losing about 6 months of service, I could keep my same mj number. NO WHERE DOES IT TELL YOU THAT IT WILL COST AN ADDITIONAL 19.95 TO DO THAT! I could understand that if it was another company or a land line, but this is their own company trying to get people to pay more for the same service (29.95 a year vs 19.95 a year).

  • Jeff Sadowski - Fun work out.

    My 2 year old and I love to dance to it. It has nice playlists you can dance two to get a bit of a fun work out.