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  • T. Savel - very happy with my purchase!

    I love these...they are just awesome.... feel very comfortable.... the first pair of cycling shoes I've ever owned...very happy with my decision to purchase these.

  • Kat's Reviews - Great gentle wash for my baby!

    When my son was 3 months, he developed ezcema. After trying various washes that claimed to have ezcema relief which only irritated his skin more, after trying Burt's bees baby shampoo, the redness from the ezcema calmed down and it eventually went away after three months. It smells like sweet milk and honey and does not leave the skin dry after baths. We love using it and have not stopped ever since.

  • jody w herrera - More money...

    Its fun at the beginning but when you start to progress they freeze you out for a half hour at a time to try to get you to purchase playing time. No fun!

  • S. Boulware - Bought this for my Dad.

    My dad watched that infomercial about cleartv and asked me to order him one for grandma's TV. I already had an account with Amazon and wanted to try to find it here. I read a lot of reviews about the HD Clear Vision and figured "meh, close enough". Ordered, shipped and installed. He called and raved about how well it worked. He said the fuzz and the channels going in and out are now a thing of the past.

  • laura Taylor - A must read

    People check out the whole series! You will not be disappointed. You will laugh with them and cry with them too. I loved this series. All good things must end though!!! That Juvie a Ra I love them brothers!!!! Great job Ms. BriAnn Danaë!!