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  • Van Johnson - results

    My hair dresser told me about it. I love the product. Would recommend to many friends with simular hair. Thanks.

  • Vinny - Amazing! Excellent Non-Stick Titanium Ceramic Frying Pans!

    I purchased two of these Gotham Steel non-stick titanium ceramic frying pans, one in the 9.5" diameter size and one in the 12.5" diameter size, a few weeks ago. I am a trained scientist and engineer, and thus i am not easily amazed by consumer kitchenware products that claim to be non-stick. However, I am amazed by the performance of these pans after 3.5 weeks of having used them daily.

  • Jade - I'm gonna name my firstborn, Garcinia Cambogia.

    This product is magical. I consider myself a simple person, so I'll make my review complement my essence:

  • Amazon Customer - Wasted my time taking hood off

    I have a 2012 Honda Big Red SUV, the hood witch was red, had turned pink. Your restorer was put on the hood as your instructions stated. IT DID NOT RETURN THE COLOR TO THE ORIGINAL RED. IT STILL IS A PINK!!!!!!! Wasted my time taking hood off, cleaning, restoring and reinstalling.

  • Amazon Customer - I was having terrible stress-related breakouts for a couple of months

    I was having terrible stress-related breakouts for a couple of months. It seemed like every day the problem just continued. I decided to try this pillowcase and I am happy to report that since using it my breakouts have cleared up 99%! I'm so happy for such a simple solution. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is having trouble with adult acne.