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  • Ayumi - This product is a waste of time and money and does not last very ...

    This product is a waste of time and money and does not last very long, which was surprising considering I spent around $180 on the Ninja Mega Kitchen set on October 16 2014. The motor burnt out 2-in-a-half months after receiving the product and I was able to get a replacement base but the second base motor burnt out again 2-in-a-half months after receiving the replacement. The costumer service was horrible. I would actually give this product less than one star.

  • S. Price - Smells Great

    I use this product in a he front loading washer. It worked well. I ended up using 2 tablets resulting with much better results. I stop the washer half way thru, I use a cleaning towel and dip the towel in the cleaning solution to clean the glass and the gasket then start the machine back up. Smells and looks great afterward. I give 4 stars only because 1 tablet does not seem like enough.

  • Michael Orlando - Great product when you consider the price

    Great product when you consider the price. The manual and packaging is a bit confusing. It says forehead AND ear, it is a no-contact thermometer so it has nothing to do with the ear. Results when holding at the center of the forehead, as the manual says, is off between 0.5-1 degree (just like a oral thermometer). Holding it at your temple gets readings within 0.1 of 98.6 so that appears to be more accurate. Battery terminals were low quality, when I inserted the batteries the first time I bent one and had to bend it back in order for it to make contact and retain the battery in place.

  • Isamblay Washington - How Many Copies Does WWE Want Me To Keep Buying

    I bought this game the day it came out for the 360 it ain't the best game but it was cool. The it good scratched real easy and no matter how many times I took it to be cleaned or tried to get Game Stop to replace it nothing. Before it was scracthed the game would go into slow motion then freeze. I figured it was just this copy so I bought another one. It wasn't long before It was doing the same. I tried to go online with it but online is worst. You move very slow and the game responds slow to the buttons you just hit about 2 mins. ago. The only real good things about this game is the improved Royal Rumble and the story designer. But when the game keeps freezing for no reason In the middle of you making a story It gets on your nerves. I still think 06 is the best Smackdown game so far.

  • mbrissjack - This is working for my hairline

    I mircobraid my hair 3 years ago and lost my hairline, But GRO-N-wild is helping my hair to grow back beautiful

  • Anonymous - Good investment

    We were in need of new wills a getting living wills done. I checked some online sights and was considering that route when I saw Quicken Willmaker at An office supply store. Thought I would check Amazon and found the same thing at half the price plus the book. It was easy to follow and had all the necessary forms I needed. I didn't really need the book but it was good to fall back on since my computer skills are weak. I have this 4 stars since I am not sure how well it would be if you had a complicated will, but for my needs it was quite the savings. Only question I had was when I had it notarized each page had to be initialed by the witnesses and the notary said that was very unusual since the witnesses aren't required to read the will.