#1 Ranked Doctor Supervised Clinical Program to RAPIDLY Shed Fat - When we work long hours, have children, or suffer from hormonal imbalances, we put on weight…  Finally! You Can Lose Weight and Defeat Fat While You Re

  • Learn About OUR HISTORY Fighting Fat In Georgia & Tennessee :) - We strive to offer our patients the most effective, safe, and healthy weight loss treatment possible. Our emphasis is on nutrition and exercise conducted i
  • Meet Scott Mitchell, M.D. and Beth Mitchell - Dr. Scott C. Mitchell is a family practice physician specializing in medical weight loss. Dr. Mitchell completed his undergraduate degree at Tufts Univers
  • Payment - Because of our individualized treatment plans, any prices quoted are strictly an estimate based on these elements of the program. Specific fees will be giv
  • Resources - Health Tap:  Dr. Scott Mitchell Answers Questions Fat Secret:  All Things Food and DietSpark People:  Sparking Millions of People to Live He
  • Medical Weight Loss - Medical weight loss is rooted in two things: scientific research and a personalized analysis of your own unique body. Unlike one size fits all diets based
  • Cutting Edge Weight Loss Support by Balancing Hormonal Levels - Correct hormonal imbalances to the levels of your youth and increase your ability to lose weight while improving many other aspects of your health.
  • Family Practice - A healthy weight is just one part of a patient’s total medical profile. It is intimately connected to most other aspects of personal health, which is why
  • Massage Therapy - Massage Therapy is manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person’s health and well-being.
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  • Body Fat Analysis - Computerized Body Composition Analysis with the InBody230 scanner by GE is the first step in all our medical weight loss programs. The scanner measures a n
  • How Physician Supervised Clinical Weight Loss Works - The medical weight loss process begins with a body composition analysis that shows what percentage of your weight is burnable fat and how much comes from y
  • Millennium Medical Success Stories: Jessica - I will apologize up front that this is a long post. When I actually have something to say it can end up being a lot. First I would like to say a big thank

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  • Beth Kindle Account - Simple device that works.

    Well this is interesting. I have been playing with home automation stuff for years and this is the first full wifi, no hub device I have seen. It does require internet for schedules to work, but if you have good internet it shouldn't be a problem. Not a fancy device, but it works.

  • worf55 - Using as a Wi-Fi phone only

    Nice Phone for using as a Wi-Fi phone for my home magic jack service. Now I can use my home magic jack service ( home phone # ) anyplace with Wi-Fi and now I use it a my main home phone around the house . The phone was used (as I ordered ) but very clean some small chips but well worth the $20.00 Shipping was fast arrived 5 days early.

  • michael Kushner - 2012-2013 Dodge Ram Truck 2500/3500 Crew Cab Black Weathertech Floor Liner...

    I had heard a lot of good things about these floor mats from friends. When I purchased my 2013 2500 Crew Cab I purchased a front and rear set. They fit great and really protect the carpet.

  • Provenzano Family - Works wonders!

    BEST Hair Growth Vitamins - HairXT100 Premium Hair Supplement Helps Grow, Thicken & Prevent Hair Loss - Includes Over 20 Essential Natural Hair Care helps new hair growth for women and men. It works within your body to help prevent hair loss and stimulate your hair growth cycle. Its only been a few days and while i was taken aback by the size of the pills a simple cup of water and it went down smoother than expected. I used to have brittle hair that would never grow past a certain point and would get so tangled it would take me up to a half hour to get the tangles out with ripping my hair out. My hair was also very fine and thinning. My hair now looks better than it has in over twenty years, maybe ever.As far as results go, I couldn't be happier with this supplement. My hair growth has increased from 1/2" per month to a full 1" per month. My hair is noticeably fuller and thicker as well.

  • T. Gentry - easy to use

    I have seen this for a long time, but didn't know how much difference ut might make in my projects. It is made of high quality materials and very easy to master. Putting my first cabinet was much easier using no dado cuts, and not having to balance and band/clamp eveything.