Museo Mitre - El Museo Mitre está ubicado en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, en una casona colonial de 1785 en la que habitó el general Bartolomé Mitre

Country:, South America, AR

City: -58.3816 Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina

  • Joyful Being - Excellent tea remedy for this time of year!

    I am a primary VATA body type & autumn is a VATA time. I was starting to get off balance, not feel "right," as the daylight got shorter & cooler.

  • C. Smith - Must Uninstall/Reinstall on Windows 10

    Just downloaded this on my Windows 10 computer last night and realized that it was necessary to totally uninstall the previous version, then install this one, kind of ridiculous if you ask me, but it works.

  • Tauhierah - Best read book in a while

    One of the best books that I read in a long time. Suspense, mystery, murder and romance all in one. Author kept one guessing even though I guessed correctly it was a very well written book. Well done.

  • ScorpionSusie - Too much zinc depletes copper

    I usually love little critters but this I feel has too much zinc, too much zinc can create a toxicity and deplete copper. I would LOVE this product if it didn't have any zinc in it. I give my children this along with a multivitamin. I got a refund on this so i'll be purchasing something else.

  • Nathan - Solid work-horse, good for first time owner

    I've never sewn before using a machine, but after buying this Singer and watching a short youtube video on getting started, I went on to sew 24 full-size Christmas stockings this week. There are tons of options and stitch variations to choose from and usage is fairly straight forward. I never had any issues with jamming or what not. When this machine gets up to full speed it really goes! Comes with a nice accessory kit (extra bobbins, thread spooler, etc). I would say that I wish the foot-pedal was metal not plastic, but I haven't actually had any issues with it so I can't complain.

  • whathappend - true believer!!

    well to start off, before i used this product i read all the review, i was kind of hoping to get feed back on specific cars but no luck. seeing how im pretty sure theres someone like myself ill note the cars that i have tried this on.

  • D. Milner - Love it.

    When I plugged this in, the neighbor's houses started levitating. Seriously, this has great coverage and a very strong signal. Had to upgrade router because mine was dying and we now have so many devices that need to be connected (switches, Echo, ipads, iphones, Rokus and a host of other connected items) I can get a signal strong enough to stream video through Roku in the camper parked about 1/3 acre away from the house. With my old router, I couldn't get a signal at the other end of the house. Wireless I am getting 30Mbps download (the max DL speed with my cable service) on the laptop. Highly recommended.