Pain Management, Nashua - Dr. Geller's philosophy of being a medical doctor is treating every patient as if that person was his parent or child. Every single patient must receive the highest quality of care.As with any medical condition, the most important concern is safety

  • About Chronic Pain - When chronic pain is properly treated, most patients objectively demonstrate benefit by working full time, enjoying their families, being more active, and predictably suffering less stress and a more active lifestyle such that life expectancy is enha
  • About Dr. Geller - Dr. Geller constantly engages in studious literature review to offer only the safest and highest quality pain management conservative medical care.
  • Comprehensive Pain Management - Comprehensive pain management requires that conditions which accompany chronic pain must also be addressed as failure to do so will predictably increase pain which may then increase the comorbidity which then increases the pain even further.
  • Patient Testimonials - Review a sampling of patient testimonials from Dr. Geller's patients whom he has helped people to continue to work and live a normal life by helping them successfully manage their pain.
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