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  • Diane - Too sweet!

    As some other reviewers mentioned, this powder is super fine but sickeningly sweet. I ordered two cannisters and unfortunately cannot stand to consume this stuff any more. I liked the somewhat earthy taste of VegaOne and will probably go back to that, or try a new powder. I'm not normally so sensitive to fake sweeteners, but something about this one makes me sick.

  • Amazon Customer - not the same as my previous bottle bought in store

    i bought my first one in Ulta but since they no longer carry it i found it here and decided to purchase. i have to say that the formula although it smells the same, doesnt do what the first one i had did. i dont know if it's been diluted or mixed with something but the effect is nowhere near to what the first bottle i bought at the store did. i would not repurchase again

  • A. Roberts - Helped With Water Retention

    I first bought the Elemis Deep Drainage Body Detox as part of a package of 3 Elemis products. The "Deep Drainage" was the only item that produced visible results. Since then I have purchased the item several times. It seems to help me reduce water retention and bloating especially in my hips and thighs. My only criticism is the cost.

  • Jennifer Marvel - Julian can bite me any day!

    This was my first Willa Thorne book and I loved it. I haven't read a vampire romance since when Twilight was big. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I absolutely loved Julian. Such a gentleman, but lethal and fierce. I loved Lia. I could see being her best friend. She is strong and courageous. Their love was forbidden on all sides, but that didn't stop them. He should have hated her, but that hate turned into the greatest love he had ever known. He broke a family oath for that love. Julian fiercely protected Lia and Lia protected Julian. I really liked that we had the flashbacks to Julian's life before he was turned and before he met Lia. The ending was perfect. I am so glad that Julian finally opened up and showed Lia everything. I can't wait to see what happens next!