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Home - North Downs Specialist Referrals (NDSR) is an internationally acknowledged centre of excellence for Specialist Veterinary Care, offering access to one of the largest groups of recognised Veterinary Specialists in the UK and Europe.

  • http://ndsr.co.uk/en-GB/specialist-referral-service Specialist Referral Service - The Specialist vets working at North Downs Specialist Referrals multi-disciplinary referral service provide the highest levels of care for dogs and cats referred to us by veterinary surgeons across the UK.

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  • SoftwareExpert - A step backward for Microsoft

    I have a 300,000 line application that I am maintaining and continuing to develop using Visual Studio 6. I really wanted to like this product because I was hoping to have an up-to-date development environment that I could use on a new Windows 8 64-bit computer. Alas, Microsoft has removed the macro facility from Visual Studio -- which eliminates a feature I use hundreds of times per day. The user interface in VS 2012 is perplexing; the main problem being that source files are opened in a sort-of tabbed window. Although it's possible to create separate windows so you can view files simultaneously, there doesn't seem to be an option that would make the separate window display the default.

  • Andrew M. - Awesome Phone Case!

    This is a very cool case! The color combination with the black and silver is very sharp and sleek. The case seems very durable even for the short amount of time I have had the case. The best part about it is the card carrying slot. It makes this case absolutely perfect for going somewhere that you don't want to take your wallet. Beach, bar, club, anywhere! You can even fit a little bit of money in there. This thing is great and highly recommended for someone with an iphone 7!

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    My girls love their trampoline time and when we made a mistake in placing the last one (which lasted us four years) one day and the frame bent we knew we had to buy a new one ASAP. This trampoline is a great quality and for the most part easy to put together (so says she as she watched her husband do it...let's put it this way- there weren't a whole lot of swear words that went into the construction of it).

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    Excellent product. I'm able to use this in all my small engine items from my chain saw to my weed Wacker to my 25hp boat motor. All are now smoke free and one mix runs all. Great item.

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    I wanted something to protect my phone so I could use my phone while relaxing in the bath (or shower). I looked at & reviewed numerous similar products before ordering this one. I am 100% satisfied with this waterproof pouch for my new Motorola Droid Turbo. I tested it on arrival, as instructed, and was delighted to find that my "test" paper was completely dry. My phone (Droid Turbo and now new Droid Turbo 2) fits comfortably & works fine through the plastic. I can also hear & be heard. I like it so well that some of my loved ones will most definitely be receiving one as a gift.

  • Cory S. - Best back razor I have used and I have tried ...

    Best back razor I have used and I have tried a few. This allows you to use regular blades so replacements are much easier to find and cheaper.