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  • Amazon Customer - Vtech shutdown, website hacked and information stolen

    The website "learning lodge" that is associated with this is shut down. They had a security breach where a hacker stole information. Your children's information as well as parents. You can not download new games or upload any of your pictures. The watch is useless at this point. Not to mention dangerous hackers with your childrens names, age, gender, addresses, favorite colors etc.

  • Jake - Very good when used correctly

    Although not purchased through Amazon I feel a need to review this product! Let me assure everyone that I haven't any affiliation with the manufacturers or distributors of the MSA30X amplifier! My daughter gave me one of these as a gift. I am moderately hard of hearing and 71 years old, so I understand that I am not following the protocol suggested by the EXPERTS! I do however have my wits about me and understand that I will never be able to afford hearing aids that cost a small fortune! I do consider myself somewhat knowledgeable concerning electronics and amplification having worked in this field. There is background noise with this device, it probably isn't as true a reproduction of sounds as the $3000.00 hearing aids, nor should that be expected! The do work and amplify sound quite well. The signal to noise ratio is quite good. If it actually is 28db down it is exceptionally good, I don't think that is a good number however. Understand that all amplifiers amplify noise, all of them. The very best hearing aids amplify noise! Some have better rejection than others, but all amplify! The only thing I could suggest for the MSA 30X would be the ability to shorten the hearing tube. Maybe they could offer a fitted ear piece or make that suggestion. Even though they have given six choices, none of them really fit. If these two suggestions were completed, the ability to shorten the hearing tube and the addition of a fitted ear piece I don't see much of a difference between the $3000.00 and these. I know that they can't advertise this as a hearing aid but I can certainly buy it as one! The internals on either hearing aid contains miniature electronic components that I believe to be relatively inexpensive! We are charged for research and development and the experts to test and suggest . WHEN DOES IT END! DO WE GO ON PAYING FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOREVER?

  • LoveToReview - Great Set!

    I have recently been doing a lot of cleaning out and trying to store a lot of things at my house. It is truly amazing at how many bulky items I had, that I did not want to get rid of, but did not have the storage area available to keep it safe. I have seen and even used a few different brands of storage bags. Most you are required to use a vacuum to pull the air from the bag before sealing it. One of the first things that caught my eye with this storage pack was the fact that it comes with a hand pump to use. Yes, it is more manual work, but not near the effort of having to get your vacuum out and hooked up correctly.

  • Kathy - Happy with this Product!

    Bought these for my husband as an alternative to getting hearing aids for his slight hearing loss. Best feature is that no batteries have to be replaced constantly as it recharges in the charger at night.

  • Beverly - Nice phone

    Nice smart phone - easy to use. I like the back cover as it is not smooth. If you don't want all the bells and whistles of the name brand this is a good choice and very easy on the pocketbook. I also like the option of the dual sim card

  • Perkilea - Good oil lots in the bottle can tell when your ...

    Good oil lots in the bottle can tell when your running low but the kids crack pretty easy and then they spill in your case (unless you use Saran Wrap and a rubber and)