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  • Wendy Dorman - Awesome book!

    Awesome book!! I passed boards first time. The DVD explains how to answer NCLEX questions very well. Also the online material is excellent. Be sure to remember that only generic drug names are on the exam. Good luck!

  • D.B. Lewis - Buy two. I did.

    I have two of these, one for work, one for home. Have no need for competing products because they work well and are low cost.

  • Yvonne M - Well worth the price

    Great book for preparing for the GRE. The most helpful part for me were the online tests that are timed. it simulated the GRE very accurately. The book also has other information such as how to apply to grad school which I wasn't expecting.

  • Adil Yitiz - who steals my lunch

    Relabeled it liverwurst and left it in the break room fridge. Of course it was gone the next day. Turned of the lights in our office and as expected, Peter from accounting was the only one glowing in the dark. No wonder he never brought lunch to work.

  • sdatl - Used as a primer which worked well

    I bought this product to be used as a face primer to be used before foundation. I knew from previous reviews that this product is full of silicones so that's why it makes your skin feel so smooth instantly, however since silicones are not good for your skin long term and can create a barrier to prevent other products from really soaking into the skin I try not to use it very much. But if you use it as only as a primer, I think it works well. It instantly smooths your skin and creates a nice surface for foundation.

  • Shirley - He was really happy when he opened his gift and I was a ...

    I got this for my nephew for his 8 year old birthday. He was really happy when he opened his gift and I was a bit scared that you need to charge it first before you can use it, but to my surprise when he pushed the button it turned on. He was able to figure out how to use it without reading the manual. This is a nice smart watch for kids. He was showing his watch to his friends and his friends were all jealous and trying to play with it too. This is a nice idea to give to your kids for their birthday.