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  • CTTraveler - This stuff is great!

    I read in someone's blog that if you crushed this up and applied the powder to hemorrhoids, it would ease the pain. I figured, what the hell, and gave it a try. After about 10 minutes, I sat in a chair, farted and blew the seat into a million pieces. My hemorrhoids ended up in the basement! This stuff is great!

  • Artemis825 - Good poolside read

    Reading this book is like going to eat at a buffet. Some of the items may not be to your liking, but enough will be to justify the price. There were a great many items on the buffet, and they were diverse and, for the most part, entertaining. As a Kindle reader, I never had a real sense of what was coming up next (since the Kindle would just pick up where I left off) and I found the selections varied and interesting. It makes an excellent beach or pool read because you can stop and start easily without worrying about continuity and if you don't care for one item, you'll probably like the next.

  • patrick kabiru - Break too easily.

    The paint finish on then is quite good. However even after installing 3 covers, the last one snapped even though I used the same technique to install as the first 3.

  • kazahan - Useless as a smartphone...

    Although the look and feel are nice (the camera is decent, too), this phone is completely useless as a smartphone. The 4GB you start with --meaning more than half of that is eaten up from the get-go for normal running of the phone-- is a joke, and adding an SD card won't help because it's not possible to move the majority of apps to external storage. Forget about updating any of the apps that are crucial to the functioning of the phone --not enough storage. I can't even get the proper up-to-date tools to connect to my WIFI, which requires PAP-TTLS authentication --no option to change from the default security setting. I wasn't able to install any apps that I consider very basic and use on a daily basis -- for reading, music, messaging, banking, tracking exercise, etc. --storage will be full once you install a handful of run-of-the-mill apps.

  • David - Get 2005

    Typical of Microsoft, they take a good thing and make it WORSE! It's ugly, clumsy and other than updated is worthless.