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  • Andres J Quinones - Aside from just smelling good, this product does absolutely nothing

    Aside from just smelling good, this product does absolutely nothing!! I placed 2 of them in my extremely small pantry, and these mice just continue to party in there like it's Christmas with the pine smell. No matter how many times I clean up, the droppings continue, which means they're not repelling anything! Waste of money....not worth it!

  • Jamila Genkey - I love it

    Great stuff. I discovered it at a local beauty supply and loved the smell. I used it to oil my scalp twice a week after shampooing with T-Gel formula shampoo. In 4 weeks my psoriasis was gone. I had tried everything even prescription shampoo. I also used this to clear up my eczema and some foot fungus. They have changed the formula so its not as potent smelling, but it still works the same. Stock up!

  • S. Metzger - Quicken 2015 For Dummies?

    I am not much on reviews but I felt I had to address stephen nelson's of his book "quicken 2015 for DUMMIES" I have been an avid user of Quicken for longer then I remember. Unfortunately I stopped the upgrades. I decided to start using quicken and so my daughter bought me the latest version for my mac. We installed it and transferred my data. I have looked high and low for books that I thought would help me. Looking over the program I soon felt like a dummy so I got out my quicken 2015 for dummies. I soon realized that stephen nelson was the bigger dummy than I was. I was the dummy for buying his book! Why do I speak about the book the way I do? I thought he was going to explain and walk me through the program as if I didn't have a clue about what he was talking about. For starters he uses pictures in the book. I said great. I started looking at the images and the author must wear glasses with coke sized lenses. I don't have a magnifying glass to help me. I wear glasses which don't help either. His images do not look like my images so I think he sold me a new book but the information in the book is from a previous program.

  • Madison King - so I can't say how good it is at increasing fertility

    I have only tried one packet of this because I got it as a sample, so I can't say how good it is at increasing fertility. I mixed the packet in some plain water and hated the taste. I know it recommends mixing it in a smoothie or other drink, maybe to hide the taste?

  • Jim Mcgee - Can't wait !!

    Who wouldn't love this!! I had a "short timers calendar" when I was in Viet Nam, and this is even better !!

  • barb - not impressed

    Its mainly all ads... no real substance. I like articles. If I wanted a picture book I would look on my baby's bookshelf

  • T Rex - Not the same formula!

    I used to love Caboki. I just got the new bottle in the new packaging and it is DEFINITELY NOT the same formula. They changed it. It sticks to your scalp and not Hair. It doesn't work as well as before! Will not buy this again! Really disappointed!