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  • Rochelle Hitch - Then it works fantastic. But I cannot allow my hair to dry ...

    I Have VERY Curly Hair AND I FIND That I Have To Blow Out Hair Straight Then Use THIS Brush Iron. Then it works fantastic. But I cannot allow my hair to dry naturally then try to use this iron brush takes way too long to get it smooth and straight. One downside is where the on button is for the iron itself. Every time I stroke my hair to straighten I hit the button and it turns it off. The buttons in a bad area. Other than that it works fantastic the way I have to use it

  • I love Amazon 2 - My brother love it

    When I saw this tool I knew it would be perfect for my brother. He likes to do things himself but has not mastered the barbershop look very well.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice take on Trump's appeal and lessons for general readers

    No doubt over time there will be many books that attempt to explain Trump's remarkable run, but Cernovich has done an excellent job distilling Trump's appeal and also lessons that anyone can adopt (whatever their political slant). The book also provides a useful insight into what is behind the Alt-Right and how far both major parties have drifted from the concerns of ordinary voters.

  • In The Forest - Just as the name implies; SPRAY & FORGET.

    This product WORKS; Used it before and WILL USE IT AGAIN. Just as named, Spray & Forget; justifiably so. I highly recommend it's application to renew your asphalt roofing shingles to "just like brand new appearance.

  • Raven - ab belt

    This belt works great. My son uses it all the time with no problems. A little cheaply packaged,but it's worth it.

  • kstay - who thought that my shedding pretty much stopped (I still experience some shedding

    I've been taking this product for 4 months now, on recommendations from my hair loss dermatologist. At the same time, I started to wash 3 times per week with 2% Ketokonazole shampoo (prescription strength). My doctor told me the Viviscal company are the ones who conducted the research that they use to back their product. As a science nerd, I am skeptical about potential bias in research, but I've been taking it as instructed every day. Other than my hair no longer comes out in clumps, I haven't noticed a huge difference. HOWEVER, I recently saw my doctor, who thought that my shedding pretty much stopped (I still experience some shedding, but no more than 75-100 a day as is normal for everyone). She also noted the start of some regrowth. She was very pleased with my results so far. I think it is worth a try, but keep in mind that you will not notice an immediate difference.

  • itohburrito - Returns

    Unfortunately, this product did not work for me as hoped. However, I am thoroughly impressed with the return policy. The Health and Beauty Pros Team at Amazon Marketplace handled my claim in an easy and hassle free process. I returned the remaining product to them and got a full refund.