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  • J. Phillips - Software OK, Intuit awful as usual

    I have mixed feelings about Quickbooks 2014 having just upgraded from 2011. On the one hand it does feel slicker and looks a lot neater, on the other hand it has some frustrating design flaws, mainly to do with organizing and resizing windows within the program. I could write a small essay about that. The new features are quite helpful though and all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

  • Brandon - Nose gadget

    This nose cleaner gadget is a life saver!! As first time parents we were skeptical of course, and I'm sure everyone's child is different. But our daughter right from birth has always enjoyed this tool. It's quick, painless and gets the job done!

  • Mary-Anne I. Sanders - A Honey of a Kettle

    I think I read about all of the reviews before buying this dutch oven (Cherry Red). I put it in my shopping cart, then procrastinated - checked back, and the price had increased by about $30.

  • EFRAIN VEGA - My 2002 Pontiac Grand Am was leaking water from cylinder ...

    My 2002 Pontiac Grand Am was leaking water from cylinder one. It was leaking internally and externally. Water was present on engine oil. This Blue Devil stuff did the job, no more white smoke and water coming out of the tail pipe.

  • John - 2005 - 2010 Honda Odyssey Cross Bars

    These bars were very easy to install. I read a number of other reviews prior to purchasing the product. There were a few that cautioned the installation due to the difficultly in removing the end cap from the side rails on the van (Honda issue not these bars). While the end caps didn't slide off easily, I didn't have to spend more than a minute or so on each one. You need to insert a screwdriver into the hole to release the tab. Just don't be afraid of using a decent amount of force to remove the cap. They go back on super easy. I would recommend using a towel or something just under the back of the side rail so you don't scratch the top of the van when the cap comes off (which I did).

  • John K. - Favorite cold weather clothing

    I wear this all the time. I'm curious how it will hold up to being washed a couple times a week. So far, so good.