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  • R. Crank - I did an actual test for six weeks!

    So... I have tried many products with excitement and after using for a while wondered if they really worked or if it was just hopeful thinking. When I got this product I decided to do an actual test. I used all the products on only half my face for six weeks. Religiously using the day and night products and never using it on the other side. I continued to use the Oil of Olay products I had always used on the other side. After six weeks I told my three sisters, my mother and two of my friends (each independently) that I had done a test on my face using a new product on only half and asked if they could tell which half. EVERY ONE OF THEM immediately was able to identify which side I had done it to. I'M SOLD! I even went out one night and saw a woman I hadn't seen in years and she said "Wow, you look great!" I responded that I had been slowly loosing weight and was down about 30 lbs. She said, "No, I was actually talking about your skin, you look really young!" Yep..... I'm stickin with it.

  • ntatt - Not the same as the movie version

    This CD is the original album and it does sound fantastic! But our family has gotten used to listening to the movie version and we did not like this album as much. Now I realize this is a matter of personal preference. I also purchased the Cd with the blue/purple cover that has a photo of a crowd surrounding Jesus on the cross and we enjoy that version much more. The two CDs are a little different. If you are used to watching or hearing the clips from the movie, you will probably want to buy the other version.

  • Armchair Physicist - Yet Another Rehash

    Yet another rehash . . . . same old same old. Perhaps two or three of the listings are appropriate to the kind of work I do (modern design). Really disappointing.