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  • black tiger shrimps and many others - BRUSSEAFOOD AS., established in 1991, has built an unrivaled reputation as a global leader in the seafood industry around its signature product, Norwegian live king crab, salmon, live lobster.Today BRUZZSEAFOOD AS  operates worldwide, fulfilling customer requirements and providing a diversified line of top quality seafood products. East Coast Seafood se
  • Ribbon fish from Norway waters - We believe that the best seafood (king crab, lobster ,salmon cod fish, etc,crayfish, etc) in the world comes from Norway also we wants every person over the world to believe that too and the best seafood from Norway comes BRUZZSEAFOOD AS we have won so many award and medals on seafood quality and catch programs for over 25years..As  Grade A seafood spec
  • Netterumani Detoxpads - NETTERUMANI EASY WAY TO CLEAN THE WHOLE BODY WHILE YOU SLEEP!! A miracle in my body during sleep. The secret of miraculous effectiveness. Best selling health product in Japan & Korea ever. Netterumani is a specially designed patch that you app

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • E. Younts - We enjoy hunting for new quarters as a family and seeing ...

    My son is so excited about collecting these quarters - he has already filled one of the state maps and now this new series is out. We enjoy hunting for new quarters as a family and seeing if we have it. My 3rd grader is learning where the states are and now what national parks or monuments are in the states. Win win!

  • James P - Very Happy with Peal & Seal a year on

    Last spring I used 6 rolls of 36" wide white Peal & Seal to replace trashed asphalt shingles on our 26x22 foot low slope patio roof on plywood decking with zero roofing experience. Fair amount of prep work involved. Plywood sheeting was weathered so had to repair ruff spots with wood putties and fillers and one low area with leveler. Per MFM I had to coat roof with an asphalt sealer (like they use on foundation walls) to insure adhesion due to the weathered plywood. You can skip that if you're applying it to new plywood. Couldn't use MFMs spray adhesives on edges as directed by MFM because California bans it's use. MFM told me to use 3M 77 adhesive spray which works great and is a good bit less expensive. Used the extra wide Gorilla tape to cover the plywood sheet seams and saved even more. They recommend two people for the job. I did about half of by myself. Very doable as long as you don't get in a hurry and it's not windy. Stuck half right near the 55 deg limit. Peal & Seal is very pliable, cuts easily with heavy duty scissors or a sharp utility knife and sticks well. It's been on a year now and has done exceptionally well through the spring rains, 100+ hot summer heat and cool winter temps. It looks like I installed it yesterday. I would use it again in a heartbeat. Almost forgot. MFM customer support was very helpful. They answered all my questions either via the phone or emails. Thumbs up!

  • Thomas Kremer - Best investment!

    Love this headset! Sound is amazing, fits comfortably, and is easy to set up. The only thing I don't like is there is no volume control on it, so if I need to adjust the volume I have to do it on my phone. Otherwise I love it.

  • C. Wood - Diaper Rash Savior

    I bought this at the recommendation of our pediatrician. It is a huge container, but a great deal. This stuff works like magic. It is brutal when my daughter has diaper rash and nothing seems to heal her faster than triple paste. As a mom dealing with the crying, it is worth every penny!! Definitely recommend. You could also grab a smaller tube to test it out and if it's as effective as its been for us, go for the jug!