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  • Vervena Johnson - i love it

    Just what I needed, and Every household should own a generator. I bought this generator for not that much. I have used it several times when I had power outages. A good item.

  • RickyTikiTavi - I'm happy to say that I had no problems printing with ...

    I bought my first roll of 3mm black ABS from IC3D on based on price and reviews. It was my first roll of filament for a new Lulzbot Mini that I bought as a Christmas present to myself. My new 3D printer was my first 3D printer and it didn't come with a roll of filament. I'm happy to say that I had no problems printing with the filament from IC3D, even though this was my first experience with 3D printing. 

  • prwiik - Very happy with the results so far

    Very happy with the results so far. I've had a leak in my 15' by 30' by 8' deep in-ground pool for a couple years. It leaked about 2-3 inches per week and I had no idea were it leaked. I read many reviews and the directions closely and decide to alter the procedure a bit because I have 2 skimmers and 2 bottom drains and a pump that is a bit over powered for the pool. I removed the filter cartridges, all skimmer baskets and vacuum screens as well as the Polaris 380 vac debris bag. While keeping both skimmers and bottom drains open, I slowly poured one full bottle slowly down each skimmer (about a 1/4 bottle at a time very 10 minutes). I allowed the pump to run for about 2 1/2 days and ran the pool vac without the debris bag every 4 hours or so for about an hour to stir the product up from the bottom. I then let the pool rest for about 3 1/2 days. That was about a week ago. No leak! If anything goes screwy, I will attempt an update.

  • Cheryl Hyatt - Can't get past the taste

    The taste is so bad that I have not been able to take more than a sip of this god awful liquid. I would send it but I got rid of the box! Whoever said they loved the taste off this crap was lying or being paid.

  • Jacob Fletcher - Very Good Anti-Inflammatory

    This seems to be a very good anti-inflammatory and analgesic, particularly in certain tissues. In my case, I find that this, paired with curcumin, taken on an empty stomach at least two hours after and one hour before a meal, almost completely eliminate a particular soreness I've been having. There seems to be a great synergistic effect between these two, because neither of them worked particularly well for me individually. Definitely give it a try, though. The worst thing that can happen is you'll lower your blood pressure, which is probably too high right now anyway.

  • Mike. - I love the results

    I finally I got to use this screen protector on my phone, I love the results. It was pretty easy to install, because I already had a previous protector on the screen I did not need to clean much after peeling the old one off. This new screen protector does come with a large alcohol wipe in case you do need to get rid of the residue left behind from the previous screen protector. I accidentally installed this slight out of angle (off) and had to pull it off and put it back on. This peeling and reapplying had zero affect on the screen protector and was able to restore itself back to normal in no time. The screen is spotless and I can see through it without the hint of any screen protector being there. The touch sensitivity of the screen is not changed, or at least it is too little for me to notice. I did notice small amount of smudges but they are very few and only get noticed when you turn the screen off and hold the phone at an angle.

  • notimpressed - Tried Hair Volume for a month. Did not notice ...

    Tried Hair Volume for a month. Did not notice any difference in hair or nails. In talking to a physician friend, he advised to check the ingredients in food and supplements for cellulose (which is made from sawdust). In checking the ingredients, under other ingredients, is listed Microcrystalline cellulose and carboxmethyl cellulose. Evidently the FDA does not regulate the amount of cellulose in products. Although you can find cellulose in a number of products, I do not think this is something I want to use.